Coach McC, enjoy this honeymoon, my friend

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by _sturt_, Aug 23, 2020.

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    I just thought to look up and down page 1 here, and I find zero apparent threads... zero... pertaining to fans' opinion of your work. Remember this time, and treasure it. You're about to become the third-most second-guessed person in the US, and thank goodness there's an election this year, or it might be #1.... :D .

    By the way, also don't be misled... the DC media is only super affectionate and kissy face with you because they were so tired of the same answers, giving them practically no material to use to help up their word count and meet their deadline faster... soon enough, it will become more difficult for you to fascinate them. They're not evil. They're not lazy. But they do want you to make their job as easy as possible, and frankly, you're about as bland and uninteresting as your peer in Boston... but it's okay, so am I, and it doesn't keep me from being successful in my profession either.

    So, just get prepared for the onslaught. It's coming, and Green Bay is tiddly winks in comparison.

    That's all. Good luck.
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  2. Bobhaze

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    The honeymoon ends one of two ways:
    • The first loss of the season.
    • Jerry runs his mouth about a roster move or something the team is doing before even telling his head coach.
    Good luck Coach. We want you to succeed. The more you disregard the guy in the owners box the better the on field results will be. Just win baby.
  3. DuncanIso

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    need to see wins.

    the defense needs to play well. Nolan will be criticized. He was a bad hire.

    welcome to Dallas. 8/
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  4. Redball Express

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    You mean it may not be sunshine and Lolly pops ahead?

    Say it ain't so.

    I think McCarthy knew what was coming but I agree.

    He underestimated in my opinions the magnitude of the job he had taken somewhat upon arrival.

    I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at that first Zoom meeting of his staff.

    I can hear it now..

    "Ok guys. You know we have all worked together before. I know what you expect from me and I know what to expect from you. That's why you are here.

    First..we are going to need to rebuild this coaching staff into a smooth running machine. It's a train wreck but we can fix it.

    Second, in your mailbox I have sent all of you my overall goals and directives for priorities for your positions for training camp. This is going to be one heck of a ride with having a short preseason. We will be having no preseason games and the first half of the season will feel like preseason. So anticipate and be ready to adjust.

    Third..I will keep the FO channeling thru me and ownership will stay out of your way. Jerrah and Stephen have promised to remain low key and be low profile. This remains to be seen but if you have an issue, bring it to me only.

    I will deal with them.

    Ok. Questions? Coffee machines are loaded and I have asked for hazelnut and french vanilla creamer flavors to be added to the menu and Expresso is by special request..stay awake pills are available in the training room and surgical masks with the Cowboy Logo must be worn at all times. No exceptions. Got it?

    Thanx for your time.

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  5. DandyDon52

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    I dont think he will do bad enough to get much criticism from fans or media.
    After Garrett for 10 years, he would have to go 0-16 to get any real heat lol.
    and that aint happening
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  6. ItzKelz

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    I think Big Mac gets respect similar to the Tuna rather than JG.
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  7. bigdnlaca

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    Yes, Nolan was a bad hire but the Cowboys defense have been playing conservative since they moved to a 4-3. Nolan at least brings different looks and a lot of heat.

    I think there are a lot of defensive coaches that would have been an upgrade over what the Cowboys had in 2019 and Nolan is one of them.
  8. Flamma

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    Before he was hired there were a few threads on him. None too flattering if i remember correctly.
  9. Hawkeye19

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    Every team loses games. HOW they lose games is key. Did they beat themselves with sloppy play and mental mistakes? Did they play good situational football?

    Did they physically compete well and “leave it all on the field”? Or was effort lacking and the team was “flat”?

    I don’t expect my team to win every time they step on the field— but I do expect them to fight and play fundamentally sound football, and have a culture of excellence and professionalism.

    Under JG this team underwhelmed, underachieved, and lost too many games they should have won, and failed to compete consistently against good teams.

    I believe MM will create a culture that breeds success and will limit the “self inflicted wounds” dynamic that has chronically plagued this team for years
  10. big dog cowboy

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    Considering Garrett could handle it, I have no worries about McCarthy.
  11. fredp22

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    1)- calling the Dallas media a challenge tells me you've never witnessed a tough/true media attack. Look at the NY/DC media compared to the soft media in Dallas. Parcells toyed with the DC media. NY media always had him a lot more cautious with his answers.

    2)- MM is 10x the coach (if u can call Garrett that) of the clapper and I think its you that will be surprised. I think the fans will give him a lot more than couple of lossess as they'll see the losses will be based more on player failure than poor coaching decisions. I'm not saying this as a MM follower (I wanted others) but I do know he's a coach and not a puppet. You wont see him manipulated like Payton/Belichick did to Clapper last year (both eased up in the 4th qtr it was so bad). MM will fight them-dk if he'll win but it'll be a fight

    3)- just what he's accomplished so far (better staff, better draft, solid player additions) is the work of a solid coach. Garrett would have signed Tavon, had the same coaches, and CeeDee wouldnt be on the team. Garret got players he felt fit his scheme-MM wants talented players and will build a scheme around their talents

    whats your problem with MM? again he may not have been the best choice to a lot of fans but he is in the upper 15% and such an upgrade that the team will seem night/day better than last year. MM wont need 22 all-pros like Garrett. Good coaches dont
    are u saying u wanted Garrett back?
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  12. glimmerman

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    I think this year because of the new staff and new schemes along with the virus and no preseason it will be hard for anyone to realistically beat MM up to bad what ever happens. It would take 0-5 before he got looked at sideways. Except by us, we expect a winning season no matter what. Lol. It will be hard to evaluate anything this year. Especially if teams have breakouts of the virus. I think we will do pretty well this season.
  13. Big_D

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    Cowboy fans endured the past decade of garbage. This honeymoon is going to last a while!!
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  14. Twisted Dawg

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    After the completely incompetent group of loser coaches we had, this job won't be a hard act to follow. Even if we're 8-8 in a covid affected season, I don't think we will be losing games due to kickers missing kicks, punt returners ordered to fair catch returnable kicks in crunch time, having other teams gash our defense running up the middle, having other teams and jag QBs say they know what we were running on defense and offense, running in 1st down, running into a 8 man box, no pressure or blitzing on the opponent QB, incompetent clock management, lack of player discipline, etc, etc.

    It's going to be real fun to watch the first group of competent coaches since the Parcells staff.
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  15. CouchCoach

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    It's a nice honeymoon because our prior "wife" cheated on us like a hooker with amnesia. That's what we get for going for the pretty one instead of the homely and a little chunky one. She didn't love us, not really. She spent all our money and went drinking with our buddy at some crosstown bar.

    Our new "wife" is on the rebound after that divorce and looking to make her new husband happy and forget all about that two timing redhead.

    The OP forgot to add one little wrinkle in this honeymoon. Just in case being the HC of the most covered sports franchise on the planet isn't enough, he has the polarizing QB on a contract tag. They can take McC's press conferences and make the next True Detective installment with all of the questions he's going to get.

    One thing about McC, he doesn't have that arrogant nature about him like Garrett did, he's not a politician and we pretty much are going to get what we see. He's got the first element necessary to catch a break, he is likable.
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  16. blueblood70

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    he knows this coming in, Jerry and the history of the DC coaches are in full view, no secrets here.. he like Parcells took the job fully knowing what comes with it just lie the Starting Qbs for the cowboys.. no microscope being used, you under the Hubble Space telescope..

    lastly hes not reading this...:)
  17. 75boyz

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    Totally agree with your list of Garrett coaching flaws here. And to be clear, I despise Spagnola. But why was McC available? Unfortunately there's a reason McC was let go in GB and I think it may have been more than "just" his relationship with his QB.

    Time will tell but imo the majority lauding this staff as some dream team of coaches might want to temper expectations. Because once the losing occurs, and it can't be the talent OR NOW the coaching, what will be left?
    And I'm not a Garrett apologist by any stretch.

    But where will all these blame posts be pointed then?

    Stay tuned

    Go Cowboys
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  18. _sturt_

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  19. Rockport

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    Another thread dwelling on the negatives before the season even starts. You people don't know how this coaching staff is going to do. Nor do you know how the best draft class in the NFL will do. You also have no clue how the best FA and post draft FA's are going to perform. Yet it's all doom and gloom. SMH.:facepalm:
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  20. _sturt_

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    I gotta be honest, as much as I wish I could say different, it's easy for me to imagine McC after a particularly frustrating losing streak of, say, 5 games and being eliminated from the playoffs, losing his composure, either having had enough of it and barking back (but probably not) or seeming to melt and on the verge of tears (plausible).

    Hopefully, of course, he never has to be tested like that, and the success just runs rampant such that he can be a new era Belichick. Hopefully.

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