Cole Beasely rapper/First Take discussion

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by plymkr, May 15, 2018.

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    So this is the first time in ESPN or Fox sports that I actually agree with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe or any other talking heads. I agree completely with the premise that the biggest problem with our cowboys is that they are celebrities who are playing football and not football players who earned the right to be celebrities by their winning championships. This is actually a good segment to listen to. Actually makes sense.

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    Meh, doesn't bother me in the least. I have a ton of hobbies. Pretty much more than I can afford to keep. These players aren't allowed the same? People should enjoy life. Besides, it's not like Beasley's album is going to reap major success and keep him off the field. Maybe it was just a passion of his? You're only young once.
  3. ThrowingUpTheX

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    the thing about this is that cole has been rapping since high school and none of these fans knew it or had a problem with it until they became aware of it... it did not interfere with the reason he got his contract, why is it a problem now? i don't have problems with players having other hobbies. as long as you stay out of trouble and still show you are focused on the team - since they are paying you the big bucks - have at it.
  4. coult44

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    His has been part of the Cowboys look since uhhhhhhh,, they became the Cowboys. This is a new though?
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  5. plymkr

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    I agree with both of your guys' points that they should have hobbies outside of work. I think it's healthy to have hobbies outside of work. I have no issue with him rapping or making music. The only issue I have is he said he was a rapper who plays football.

    I thought it was unfair for Sharpe to bring up Romo's golf playing. The reason being is Romo was dedicated to football. So what rubbed me the wrong way is the statement "I am a rapper who plays football". I would have been cool with him saying "I'm not using my platform of being a Cowboy to launch my music career since I've been doing this since high school". Something to that effect wouldn't have bothered me. I have no problem with Rico being a rapper because he didn't make a proclamation that football is secondary. Romo never said that he is a golfer who plays football. Tom Brady never said he is a model who plays football. Manning never said he is an actor playing football. And on and on.

    I feel with his dip in production last season along with that line rubbed me the wrong way.
  6. plymkr

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    O BTW, I'm digging the Deadpool gif. It's cool. Can't wait for Deadpool 2.
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    Non- subject.

    Move on.
  8. ThrowingUpTheX

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    He explained on Twitte that *he* wasn't saying that about *himself*, he was just saying he would know his album was successful in people's opinions if they'd stop seeing him solely as an athlete. You know how the headlines go, though. No matter what he says, it'll make someone mad. Just produce on the field, and people can say whatever they want.

    I am going Saturday. Can't wait. His snark is my beverage of choice.
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  9. plymkr

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    Not new, I just get annoyed with the organization being happy to be here and not winning. Aikman, Irvin, Emmitt and that generation of Cowboys weren't satisfied with getting drafted and playing for the Cowboys, they wanted to win. I feel like the celebrity culture has hurt the competitiveness of the team in the last 20 years. That's my thought on it. Sometimes I get the vibe that winning isn't the reason they're playing, they're playing to be celebrities. that's just my take on it.
  10. ThrowingUpTheX

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    I don't know how valid this is, because I can't look into someone's brain and tell anyone's intent... but that is what sucks about Dez being gone. He loved football. He wanted to win. Straight up. Hopefully we have more of those guys on the team.
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  11. plymkr

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    That makes sense, headlines and people could screw it up. I didn't know about the twitter remark. That makes more sense. So his point wasn't that football was secondary and to accept his album as if he wasn't a football player. That's cool, that's better sounding then the other quote. Yeah media didn't do him any favors with this one.

    I'm going to Deadpool Friday or Saturday. Loved the first one. You seen Avengers Infinity war? Man it was good. Really good
  12. plymkr

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    Yeah one thing I'm bummed about is the 2 guys that you know lived and breathed football are off the team. Witten and Bryant are gone in the same offseason. that sucks. you know those guys just wanted to win. That hurts as a fan
  13. ThrowingUpTheX

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    Of course... loved it. Sat in childish awe and stupor through most of it. Was like a gut punch when it ended. :(
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  14. Beast_from_East

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    Well Beasly can go rap for another team next year, dude is in the last year of his contract and not worth an extension.

    I'm also sick of him arguing with fans on shows he is mentally weak, lets twitter trolls get in his head.

    EDIT***** Beasley can take the body catcher with him next year, he aint worth his money either.
  15. Plumfool

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    Dez is gone, so First Takes Cowboy of choice to rag on is Cole? Dang! His album is fire though.
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  16. ESisback

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    EVERY team has rappers, rockers, divas, douchebags and thugs. Every team also has good citizens, family men and dedicated professionals who love God and country, but the former sells better, ESPECIALLY if it involves the Dallas Cowboys. Dumpster fires are Best Sellers!
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  17. CowboyMike

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    Players aren't allowed to have a life. That's not what they're paid for. They shouldn't even have families or friends. From 5 AM to 9 PM they should go to practice, watch film, and work out. Then we seal them in a cryochamber and open it again in the morning.
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    It's not a deal at all. Hes not bad but the voice is bad. Hard to listen to. Lol he ain't no Kevin federline.
  19. AmericanCowboy

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    The arguing with fans on twitter is a bad look.
  20. gp_cowpolk

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    If Switzer could rap they would not have traded him

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