Twitter: Cole Beasley: "Dallas was never really like a place I really, really wanted to go"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Alexander, May 21, 2019.

  1. Streetwise

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    "I didn't want to be there."...........

    Meanwhile, he's still talking about Dallas.
  2. John813

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    A lot of players have an axe to grind. Landon Collins is still talking about the Giants/Gettleman.
    For some reason WR's are divas of the sport, outside of Cooper lol.
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  3. Bobhaze

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    My response to anything Cole Beasley says will be commensurate with his NFL career up to this point: Meh.

    For all the Cole Beasley fans who may still be out there as well as Bills fans excited he signed there, I have one other response: 3 catches for 31 yards. That’s his career per game avg performance. That’s not horrible. But that’s also not something that cannot be replaced either.

  4. Mr_C

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    Zeke should push him over a barricade.
  5. gimmesix

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    It is certainly his right to believe that he was underused and seek another opportunity to prove that he can do more. I think he's going to find out, though, that he's simply a very good slot receiver. We tried to use him on the outside last season and he couldn't regularly win those matchups. He's an underneath guy who is hard to cover one-on-one because DBs can't read which way he's breaking. Against zones, that advantage is negated because he's got underneath coverage on either side of him with teams knowing that he's not really a threat to get by the coverage and beat them deep.
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  6. cowboy_ron

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    I never realized what a true A-hole he really turned out to be.
  7. Tangle_Foot

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  8. Pompey-Cowboy

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    I've never hated Cole or Dez. I loved them both when they were Cowboys and immediately stopped caring about them when they weren't.
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  9. rocyaice

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    This little ungrateful this guy quits football and the Cowboys and I believe specifically Jason Garrett talked him out if it and made his career? Is he delusional? He never wanted to be here but he reaped all the benefits and enjoyed them. This guy is weird.
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  10. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

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    I was gonna say the same thing. Dez’s biggest fault is loving the Cowboys too much. Beasley is the one who should be getting this hatred Dez gets.
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  11. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

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    I stand by my comments of him but yeah that title is taken out or context.
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  12. jjktkk

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    Someone spiked his hot sauce.
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  13. DJordan23

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    This guy....please just go away already!
  14. aria

    aria Well-Known Member

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    And people wondered why I hated h8m even when he played for Dallas. He’s a straight up midget chump who tries to make up for his small size with his mouth.
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  15. ESisback

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    If Dallas is so bad, why are you still talking about them?
  16. Corso

    Corso Offseason mode... sleepy time

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    Hey! I'm about his height!
    Damn... people probably call me a midget...
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  17. Satchel89

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    Shutup already....I can't wait to watch him fail miserably. I'm so glad that Maggot is off the team
  18. CATCH17

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    Undrafted free agents can sign anywhere Beasley.

    IF you didn't want to go to Dallas you didn't have to.
  19. dwreck27

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    Who says he doesn’t?? I hate bease right now....

    Dude needs to get over it and shut his mouth he lives in the north east stop worrying about the central time zone
  20. TwentyOne

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    Good for you beasley. Now let it go. If you cant get a therapist.
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