Could Dak be rethinking everything?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by FVSTONE, Mar 23, 2020.


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    Within the past couple of weeks this economy has taken a tremendous hit and is not going to turnaround anytime soon. Could/Should Dak be rethinking stand on the Cowboys latest offer?????
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  2. ChronicCowboy

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    He’s a complete moron for not taking the Cowboys offer. I’d be amazed if the offer is still on the table even.
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  3. ShortRound131

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    Not sure how anyone can answer this question
  4. rocyaice

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    Cousins was called a moron too. Dak is about to make 60 plus million in guaranteed money. Hardly a moron. If he’s as good as he thinks he is it’s smart.
  5. thunderpimp91

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    It's a fair question right now. If you see a delay or even no season at all that's a huge hit to revenue next year. The cap may actually do something it hasn't done in years....drop.
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  6. Kingofholland

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    What he was offerered was more than fair.
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  7. Adreme

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    It will be fine 2 years from now when he has had the second franchise tag and the cap will have still exploded so he will still probably be looking at an easy 45m per year so his position probably has not changed economically.
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  8. dwreck27

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    If we had lost Amari because Dak tied up the Franchise tag... then followed it up with this season being regressed as he shows again he “needs” a WR#1 to operate

    This fan base would have turned ugly on him in a hurry
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  9. JBS

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    Moron or not. The current situation changes nothing.
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  10. CowboyRoy

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    Trade him and everyone else’s. Time to blow this thing up.
  11. JoeKing

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    The economic downturn was caused by a medical emergency, not because of bad economic fundamentals. This means the recovery will happen much faster than if the economic fundamentals were bad. Our economic engine was shut down and the solution is as simple as just restarting that engine as soon as it is safe to do so. It's a very temporary condition that should not affect the decision of Dak in any way.
  12. Redball Express

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    He wants a 10% increase and 2 more years on his deal.
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  13. cowboy_ron

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    Greedy people don't have second thoughts like that.
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  14. rocyaice

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    Are you greedy?
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  15. SSoup

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    Our fanbase has been irrationally ugly toward him for at least 3 years. So the threat of them turning ugly is hollow at this point.

    People literally wanting to replace him with Cooper Rush the last three years. People starting threads saying we should sign Case Keenum and he'd be an improvement. People using a national emergency as an excuse to call him dumb and say he should be shamed into knowing his place and taking less.
  16. Silverz1972

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    Hell he could sign contract now and use it to buy stocks and by this time next year his $33 million would be $80-100 milllion.
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  17. SackMaster

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    If Dak does not like the contract, why would he be a moron not to sign it? Especially if the big issue is years?

    As a guy who is as sturdy as he is, why not get paid Top-5 money two years in a row and then hit the market once after it is likely obliterated by someone like Mahomes?

    It's his choice and I find it hilarious that anyone here believes they know what's better for Dak than Dak himself.

  18. Starforever

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    Yes, and Brady's rethinking his contract.
  19. jazzcat22

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    Dak doesn’t have to rethink anything. Except from the fans point of view, here is what he should think. Fred retired, I need to give up money to get me some good protection. :muttley:
  20. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Lysol and Clorax stock.
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