Twitter: Cowboys hopeful on a deal

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Rockport, Feb 23, 2021.

  1. Rockport

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    Worst defense in the NFL What’s YOUR point bendejo?
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  2. SwensonDC

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    Last season? This is Dak's 4th or 5th year.
  3. Rockport

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    Last 2 years. The only year Dak played with a top 10 defense was 2016 when the team went 13-3 bendejo.
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  4. dallasdave

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    Great point indeed :bow::bow::bow::bow:
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  5. Rockport

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    He had a top 10 defense in 2016 and the team went 13-3 *****.
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  6. Vanilla2

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    Right up my alley. Let’s get this deal done! $40 mil per and then we can start etching Jones into the executive of the year trophy.
  7. Typhus

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    The smart teams have recognized this its just that the Rams jumped on Stafford first, that was a bold move giving up what they did, but its setting the stage for plug and play for a trophy like Tampa just did with Brady.
    Kind of like a "you build it they will come" environment, its a completely different game than it was just 10 years ago.
    I was hopeful that Dallas could get that 5th year in the term, but Im even beginning to doubt it now.
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  8. dplant22

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    So the Cowboys are 'Hopeful' a deal can be done, Lol doesn't every team say this at the start of negotiations? Haven't we heard this for years now concerning Dak? Good Grief I can't wait till we move on from this topic to "They paid Dak too much" or " I can't believe they traded him/let him walk in FA" Anything new would be a relief
  9. flyinghorse

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    “Cowboys Hopeful On A Deal”
    “The Two Sides Are Talking”
    “Length Of Contract Only Thing Separating Two Sides”
    Blah Blah BS BS Blah Blah BS Blah Bs
    I’m So Sick Of All The Headlines, Hype, Spin, Exaggeration, & Predictions I Want to barf every time I see an article with the word Dak & Contact in it....Which is almost every damn sports article I see.
    JERRY Your 78 Years Old and you don’t exactly look like the poster boy for a life of strict nutrition & discipline exercise. In other words the clock is ticking on ya brother.....Why the hell are you worrying about a measly year on a contract or a couple million here or there.....Ya got more money than God Jerry!!...YOU MAY NOT EVEN LIVE TO SEE THE END OF THE DAMN CONTRACT JERRY!!! PAY THE MAN!!!
    YOU’LL HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF LIVING TO THE END OF IT. Save us from this endless gut churning drama JJ
  10. Jake

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    The only "hope" the Cowboys have of signing Dak is caving to his agent. Booger & Son botched this to the point where Dak has no reason to lower his demands.

    Dak can sit back and become a free agent this year or collect $37 million and become a FA next year. Only thing stopping that is Dallas giving him what he wants.

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