Cowboys vs Skins in Free Agency

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Silly

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    No way the pats would have sat on Dez, Witten, and Lee. They would have been traded.
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  2. Sydla

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    So you, too, are on the “we are just like the Patriots” train?
  3. AzorAhai

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    Bet you thought the Jags won FA when they signed Parnell though.
  4. SeanLee50

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    Bad take on this seasons.

    Skins signed Collins, overpaid for sure.

    However, that defense is becoming nasty!

    Allen, Ionaddis, Payne

    Kerrigan, Brown, Foster

    Norman, Collins.

    Should be a top 10 defense IMO
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  5. dckid

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    There is no one way to build a team. When we have an iconic coach like Bill, and the GOAT @ QB we can start comparing ourselves to the Patriots.
    Oh we actually did have the greatest coach ever in Jimmy Johnson but dumb drunk Jerry pissed that away too.
    Patriots win because of their culture, like I have said multiple times on this board and every great Management guy has said for years.. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. We have a culture of losing, a culture of
    rewarding guys who cozy up to the ownership group. We fall in love with players, because of any reason and then we are forever attached at the hip.

    The league has changed, you have to be aggressive in FA, go out and build the team for a 3 year window where you can compete for a SB. Look at the Rams, Eagles, Bears, Chiefs, now Browns and Colts. The list goes on and on.
    The Seahawks from 2011-2015 are a great example they understood this CBA from the get go and went out and put together a great team. Took advantage of a cheap QB, and built up the team around him. The Eagles, Rams & Bears have take the same approach and it has honestly worked very well for them. We took the opposite approach and now we are stupid enough to pay Dak 25 million plus, one year early. Make the man earn his money, do no pay him early. I need to see more.
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  6. 408Cowboy

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    No. Since you went on a tangent and made the comparison you should elaborate on it. If not then you have no clue what you're talking about. You throw a tantrum and toss out labels trying to deflect from the subject because you have nothing to stand on. Your holier than thou pretending to be a better fan crap is for children at the playground.
  7. tm1119

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    How anyone could even begin to compare the Cowboys to the Patriots is honestly laughable. Especially when there’s 0 point to it.

    Hey look, we operate the same as the Patriots! Except without the actual winning part.
  8. Sydla

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    But in the end, we really don't operate like them at all. They use FA more extensively than we do, they are also more likely to let "their own" walk in FA if the price tag is too high, such as deciding to let Flowers hit FA. But they also have a plan in place to compensate for that, such as when they traded some late pick for Michael Bennett. Patriots are also more active in the trade market than we are.

    There is zero comparison between how the Cowboys build their team and how the Patriots do it.
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  9. Manster_Mash

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    Lol. Great response!
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  10. tm1119

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    CowboysZone- where things like feeling smart and “value” are more important than winning playoff games.

    Let’s keep using the EXCEPTION in the NFL and not the norm. Who cares that the Rams, Eagles, Bears, Chiefs, Jags and others are/have made deep playoff runs by being aggressive and adding as much talent as possible...that blueprint is meaningless when we can just be like the Patriots :rolleyes:.
  11. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Comparing what we do to the pats, wake me when Bill and there GM and Kraft are running the boys and the Jones boys are running the Pats, then I would feel better. Till then I'm sleep!
  12. JayFord

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    At this point you shouldn’t care who the skins sign

    They never do anything .....3 division titles in 20 years and 14 years without a playoff win haven’t won more than 10 games in a year since 91 and haven’t been to the nfc championship since 91
  13. cowboyec

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    how come the team that wins it all at the end..usually isn't the team that "won day 1 of f/a period"...browns,lions,etc...
    just wondering.
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  14. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Because when you have the best coach ever and the best QB ever you can make chicken salad out of chicken ----.
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  15. cowboyec

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  16. Angus12

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    Don't win much at blackjack, eh?
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  17. visionary

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    Your post would make sense if our 'smart moves' and 'frugality ' had resulted in a SB win or even NFCCG wins/appearances and the skins 'over spending ' had resulted in failure

    As it is, both franchises are mired in mediocrity. The fact that we are penny punchers in FA and they spend more is not of any relevance to fans and only relevant to the Joneses who are banking that money

    So please get off that high horse and smell the crap this FO will cobble together to be 'relevant' again this year
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  18. gimmesix

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    This is using extreme examples to try to make a point, which skews the truth.

    Just because not all free agents work out doesn't mean you avoid going after some because of the prices.

    You want to use the Redskins as an example. How about we use a more current example, the Rams. The Rams went for it acquiring Ndamukong Suh, Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib and Brandin Cooks. Some of this was through trades, including trading away a few players) and some through free agency. The moves helped LA end up in the Super Bowl.

    Smart teams use all avenues available to them to get better because it is tough (unless you are the Patriots) to get to a Super Bowl.
  19. Sydla

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    Yep. I am not sure where this notion that the "good" teams don't use FA came from. Philly won a SB and had many key free agents on the roster. Denver won a SB a 4 years ago and had added guys like Talib and Manning and Ware. There was a debate in another thread about how the Seahawks defense was home grown, when in fact, some of their key DL that year were free agent acquisitions like Avril and Bennett.

    The "good" teams use every method of player acquisition at their disposal. They don't shut off one avenue to improve and add an impact or proficient player from time to time like we do.
  20. CCBoy

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    Don't forget the Pack in the conservative approach team club arena.

    (coughing) ...but didn't Dallas make it into the playoffs for 3 of the past 5 seasons?

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