Dak can be boxing himself in

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jkyle, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Jkyle

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    The talk is that Dak wants a 4 year deal so he can take advantage of the increasing revenue expected by then.
    That's fine but if that's his thinking, then he should be willing to take a contract based on what his value is now relative to the other QB's in his Teir: Golf, Wentz, Ryan, which is in the $33 million range instead of the $35 million he may be asking for.
    For him to want more and then want an out to take advantage of the future market makes him look bad.
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  2. 817Gill

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    Dak’s team wants to win all aspects of the negotiation. That has and always will be how Todd France does business
  3. John813

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    It's a negotiation. Ask for the moon, and then maybe scale it down if the other side won't blink.
    They got months to get a long term deal done and Jerry has blinked in the past over deals.
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  4. Techsass

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    Players always look bad when it comes to salary negotiations.
  5. DallasEast

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    I doubt any professional athlete cares about appearances for the general public when their financial goals are solely meant for themselves.
  6. DallasEast

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    Pretty much.
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  7. GMO415

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    The deal will be done this week. His center just retired from football completely and Daks image will be tarnished if he appears to be petty.
  8. Bigdog

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    I look at it that if stinks it up for the next 4 years than he will not get that extra contract. Least with the extra year he still get some money if it is structure that way. It works both ways.
  9. MaineBoy

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    I sooooo wish they had put the non exclusive tag on him to settle his real market value, which wouldn’t be 2 first round picks. Then talk to a Dak and his agent about how elite he ain’t and that the rest of the league agrees. Then talk years and numbers. But they used the exclusive tag. Jerry falling in love and overvalued another player.
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  10. Philmonroe

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    That isn't true for me. I don't think he's that good but I understand him doing what he is doing though.
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  11. Techsass

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    yeah, but you're not an average fan. You're a junkie just like the rest of us.
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  12. Future

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    His market value and what a team would trade for him...aren't the same thing.
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  13. jaythecowboy

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    Wentz and Goff signed 4 year extensions last year and Dak should get a little more just from the normal rising of the salary cap. 4 years/$34-36 million a year/slightly more than $110 million guaranteed was always the fair offer if they actually wanted Dak to sign.
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  14. Rockport

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  15. Aerolithe_Lion

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    but the cap went up by 10% since last year. So 36m this year is the same cap hit % of 33m last year
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  16. Aerolithe_Lion

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    That sounds about right. Maybe not 100 guaranteed if he’s only signing for 4. Remember carson got 106 guaranteed but has 2 years remaining over his rookie deal so it was really spread over 6 years
  17. Hardline

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    Use a first round pick on a QB and then negotiate with Dak.
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  18. Hawkeye0202

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    Especially in the eyes of fans.......this bashing fans but it's well known. Fans favor management during players' negotiations.
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  19. nightrain

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    The Cowboys have done nothing to squeeze any of the their FAs in negotiations. Heck, Jerry is their biggest fan. I would be negotiating with some of the available QB FAs for 1-2 year deals with every intent to at least cover my back up needs. They have Dak for at least two more years without any fuss over his contract.
  20. Sydla

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    He wants 4. Cowboys want 5 (or maybe more).

    Fine, Cowboys give him 4 years but then he has to give something back. I suspect he and his agent think they are entitled to everything they want. And they can think that if they want but then I think Cowboys fans should have an issue with that. I don't mind him getting paid but in almost any negotiation, players often give up something here or there in order to get other things they want.
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