Dak Next Contract Idea (Sturm)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by movaughn88, Dec 5, 2018.

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    Fist of all, if you think Dak is terrible and want to be rid of him as soon as possible, then you will probably just make the barf emojis as a reply to this, so perhaps click the "back" button on the ol' browser.

    Bob Sturm had an interesting radio segment yesterday doing a pro/con about extending Dak, and then he pitched a contract idea for extending Dak. Here is the audio of the full convo, which is quite interesting:
    (I listened to it and didn't hear any profanity, mods if its still not a proper link pls delete this post)

    His idea is this: a 5 year $100m contract extension....fully guaranteed.

    It comes out to something like $16.8m AAV for the next 6 years (next year stays around $800k), so about a $10m discount to what most FA starting QB's are signing. He thinks Dak would sign it, and the guarantee buys the team a significant discount.

    Personally, I was thinking a reasonable extension with a 2-3 year out since we don't have any decent way to find an upgrade for at least 2 years, but I almost buy into this idea because even if he's what he has been, which is a grade "B" QB, it doesn't cripple the cap and money can be spent on the team around him. Let's get to arguing.
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    I could live with this.
  5. CowboysFaninHouston

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    I think 5 is too long. 3, $60 is more realistic and we look for another QB or that's all he has to prove he is a top 10 type QB....
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  6. Bob-Lillys-War

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    Sounds as the best option, as Jerry is already decided to sign him no matter what .
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  7. Jenky

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    He can play out his deal and then perhaps get tagged.
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    There are pros and cons to it as you said. Before we get to that, a FA QB is not going to have his first year at $800k on a rookie contract, so you are using the last year of that contract to argue that his new one is really $3.2 million less per year than it really is. It is true but not an apples to apples comparison.

    My only issue is that if he turns out not to be what we believe he can become we can't cut him for a minimum of 4 years because his cap hit from the guarantee would be astronomical. Heck even after 4 years his dead money (because of the guarantee) would be $40 million. You cut him 3 years from now (referencing your "out") his guarantee would be $60 million right on the cap (I believe).

    Not a bad idea per se, but loaded with a lot of variables that could be problematic. Then again he could develop like we all hope then it would be a home run. Who knows, but a potentially scary who knows.
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    I think it's too long as well (what happens if you have to cut him in year 4) but I don't think he would sign 3/$60m. By all means, start there, and maybe get to 4/$80, but just pretend he hits FA after next season and we win 9 games. He'd get way over $100m in the free market 1.5 years from now.
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    $100M fully guaranteed? As an owner, that would be a hard pill to swallow. If things went wrong, it would take a while to get out from that contract. So, I would rather offer a higher base with less guaranteed money.
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  11. movaughn88

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    I think that's the world we have to think in. Jerry has given up leverage and married himself to him.
  12. baltcowboy

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    If Dak signed that contract, the Cowboys would get a steal. He would never sign that contract. His agent has all the leverage.
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    Looooool! That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks.
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  15. Future

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    That's the same amount of guaranteed money as Aaron Rodgers.
  16. charron

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    Give him the cousins treatment while simultaneously drafting another QB to be groomed as a backup/ potential starter.
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  17. Bobhaze

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    I heard Bob Sturm explain this on air yesterday and it makes a ton of sense because it would actually be a good deal for the team because of its structure. It would allow the team to provide a big bonus while lowering his cap hit on a yearly basis.

    QBs these days, even average ones like Blake Bortles and Ryan Tannehill, and even worse, the china doll Sam Bradford have all received bigger and worse deals than what Sturm proposed.
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  18. cern

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    I put my faith in Stephen to come up with a good deal for both parties. always easy to be cavalier with someone else's money.
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  19. baltcowboy

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    Dak has one of the top QB agents. If the Cowboys make it to the second round of the playoffs his agent will try to break the bank. He changed agents for a reason.
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  20. Future

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    So? The same amount of guaranteed money as Aaron Rodgers is breaking the bank.
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