Dak - The Prime time, Clutch King. By the numbers

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Jan 7, 2019.

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    His ability to play so well in primetime will be huge for us this weekend. To add to that though, I've noticed that since the Thanksgiving day game, Dak has done a great job of responding when his opponent puts points on the board.

    You saw this happen more clearly against the Eagles in Dallas when the Eagles tied the game in the 4th, then in the season finale against the Giants and finally last week against the Seahawks. Each time the game got close or the opponent took the lead, he quickly turned around a solid scoring drive.

    This bodes really well for him this coming week when you can expect the Rams to put points up. We will be in trouble if we don't answer their scores and with the way Dak has played in primetime and under pressure when the game is close, I'm feeling really good about what we will see from him.
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    Im waiting for some dak haters : "Cut him ! He is a bus driver at best !"

    ughh, :facepalm:
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    eh. I don't know. I kind of prefer the wild-eyed gunslinger with a penchant for throwing costly interceptions from a clean pocket. If he does it during primetime, that's even better.

    To each their own.
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    Since 1994, which is as far back as Pro Football Reference goes on this particular stat, Prescott leads the league in career passer rating when tied or trailing by eight points or fewer in the fourth quarter or overtime.

    He has a 109.7 passer rating in that situation, leading all quarterbacks who have at least 100 attempts when tied or trailing by one score in the fourth quarter or overtime. In fact, no other quarterback has a passer rating above 100 with Andrew Luck (97.7), Romo (95.4), Russell Wilson (93.8), Ben Roethlisberger (93.3) and Drew Brees (92.4) trailing.


    Our franchise QB.

  6. nightrain

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    The tape don't lie. The dude just gets it done.
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    So, Tony Romo?

    We had him. I wasn't the biggest fan of the costly interceptions.
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    How about this one that I heard the other day, He would not have the most game winning drives if would take care of business in the first 3 quarters. I just shook my head. He is clutch.
  9. Cowboy Brian

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    Some people just won't ever be happy.

    Brett Favre was a Cowboy, they'd complain he threw too many picks and only won one SB.

    Have to ignore people like that.
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    Say what you you want , what you heard is the truth. He needs to play 4 good quarters like the last game, his 1 quarter game will catch up to him if the D doesn't play well. Nothing has really changed with him, he's a great wingman as long as Zeke keeps running.
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    What about the "eyeball test?"
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    He was being sarcastic.
  14. Bleu Star

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    @WillieBeamen You're my barometer bruh. What do you think? In your esteemed opinion, is Dak improving?
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    Which is why I liked his post bro lol
  16. ItzKelz

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    The kid helps us win games in clutch moments. As a fan how could you want more. It's all about winning.
  17. ColoCowboy

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    I won't dispute that Dak needs to play more consistently across all 4 quarters. However, you can't draw the conclusion that Dak's 4Q performance of game-winning drives is the result of him "not taking care of business " for the first 3Q's from the data presented.

    In fact, in another recent thread, the defensive points allowed were shown to have dropped off significantly in the 3rd and 4th quarters in 2018 (for the 4Q, Dallas's defense was ranked 26th in points allowed).

    The conclusion one might draw from this is - Dak saved the defenses bacon in the 4Q. Personally, I don't necessarily believe that either. The truth is out there and it lies somewhere between these extremes.
  18. zeroburrito

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    the prime time qb wins is a useless stat. cowboys have more prime time games than anyone else.
  19. Brax

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    You are correct but defenses tend to weaken as the game moves on and coordinators adjust scheme, more consistent play from Dak would really help that's my point and watching the games it's pretty obvious many games. Not sure why it takes 2 to 3 quarter for him to play to a high degree. Low point production is a real problem thru 3 quarters and hopefully can be addressed. Get to far behind and not sure Dak can make up a big deficit.
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    He is a grown arse bus driver. That is what Zeke would say. Get it correct. :D
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