Dak - The Prime time, Clutch King. By the numbers

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Jan 7, 2019.

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    I knew he was good in crunch-time, but that much better than the others? Wow. Dak doin work.
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    This board is full of some whiners too...
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    Only big games from here on out so what’s it going to be Dak?
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    Glad we finally have an elite QB. We waited so long since aikman
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    I don't know if Dak is "elite" yet, and I wouldn't diss Romo to that extent either.
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    I figure it this way, I can live with the missed passes as long as he doesn't turn the ball over. At this point, no elite QB is going to fall into our laps. I have been one of Dak's biggest critic's, but he is clutch and seems to have the It factor. He is also winning despite our suspect play calling and coaching. I really hope they bring a new QB coach and OC.
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    The time will come where he has to make the necessary plays to alter the outcome of the game in the Cowboys favor. I'm betting he will with the addition of the defense making Goff look rather amateur in comparison.
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    Your wish is my command. :muttley:

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    Been there, done that.
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    I posted a thread last week where I suggested DAK as becoming another Roger Staubach.

    You would have thought I had said something blasphemous.

    Now maybe people will keep an open mind.
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    Mitch Trubisky was clutch right up the point of the double doink.

    Aaron Rodgers is clutch but GB failed to make the tournament.

    This is not basketball, no one signing nets you guaranteed playoff success.

    Great teams combined with good luck in the injury dept
    and the ball bouncing your way that day win Championships.
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    Ok I chuckled at this a little too much and I do not like you for it sir/madam. :laugh:
  15. Blake

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    That should be made a sticky to educate our fanbase who only process what they see on the field through their emotions for Tony. Glad he's gone.
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    This is what people don't understand. Dallas is built on ball-control and clock-control. When you see the QBs go into hurry up mode, they always move the ball with ease. Sounds familiar? Same thing when Romo was here, once they went into hurry up mode, they easily moved the ball.

    I think this is Garrett's philosophy. But you need a stop in penalties and guys like Noah Brown to man up. You can't have pre snap penalties, you must limit holding and offensive line penalties, and you must have your receivers make catches. Look at Seattle making other worldly catches to our normal catches.
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    Probably cost us the game. 2nd and 1

    Do I need to show the highlight of the pick Saturday.

    Those 2 passes are the equivalent of the yips in golf!

    2 playoff games - 2 picks

    Romo - 6 playoff games - 2 picks and one was equivalent to a hail mary
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    Go Dak!
    He is faring well in the 4th quarter...just as (believe it or not) Romo did.
    The numbers don't lie. Romo was outstanding it's just that some recall only the bad plays vs the 10x good ones.
    .It's ironic that you guys throw up numbers as proof but ignore them when Romo is the subject.

    I think Dak has done fine in his two playoff games so far. But lets be clear on the interceptions; he already has as many playoff picks in 2 games as Romo had in his whole career (and one of Romo's was a no choice throw it in the endzone , time is up thing)
    Point is, the turnover comments about Romo are overblown.

    No reason we can't pull for Dak and not bash Tony.
  19. jwooten15

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    Oh wow. That's a crazy stat
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    So how was Noah Brown supposed to prevent that penalty. Does he snap the ball or ask for it to be snapped once he sits there for 1 second? Dak called him back in!
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