News: Dak Wants Cowboys To Pay Him ‘Right Behind Mahomes’ - And Pay Him ‘Respect’

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by triplets_93, Mar 1, 2021.

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    The offers from 2018 and 2019 aren't new information. They were both widely reported. Anyone who thinks so hasn't really been following the negotiations long. The issue was always the years.
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    Welcome to tag #2 and likely your final year in Dallas.
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    Baseball players get paid respect money, not players in a league with a hard cap. Show Dak respect by paying for his limo/taxi/air fair, to his new destination. Jerry can't be this stupid.
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  5. MountaineerCowboy

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    Dak will be another Kirk Cousins. A cautionary tale of a solid QB that got paid way more then he was worth and made the team that ponied up the money worse off for it. Kirk was putting up much better numbers in Washington then Dak has with Dallas. Cousins was basically a lock every year in Washington for 4,300 yards, around 30 TDs, and around 10 INTs. Dak has exactly ONE YEAR with numbers comparable to what Cousins AVERAGED all his years starting in Washington.

    The Vikings went to the NFC Championship the year before Cousins got there. They haven't sniffed that again since because they simply can't afford to get or keep players. They lost Diggs (a top 7 receiver) and their defense has gotten worse since the NFC Championship run because they don't have the money to maintain it.

    You sign a good QB to an elite QB contract and this is what you get.
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    Yet, Russell Wilson’s ‘camp’ said Dallas is one of the 4 teams he would accept a trade. Jones Derangement Syndrome. Agenda much?
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    Dak, like Cousins, is burning his bridge in Dallas. He's all about money and respect is earned not given freely. Aikman and Romo earned respect and Dak is still in the baby playpen.
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    Lets see. The team that gave a first for Amari, spent another 1st on Cee Dee and put a lot of money in the Oline and RB so that Dak can succeed.

    Yes, it is a bit naive to think other teams are going to do that for their QB to succeed. I did not see the Jets invest in WR's for Darnold. Houston let their best WR go. Patriots have never invested in WR for Brady. Brees and Rodgers, they get 1 quality guy and make due with the others. When you get paid 40 mill you better get ready to carry the load.

    Dak is stupid. When he flounders with another team and his endorsements dry up he will realize how stupid he was!
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    They got to the second round of the playoffs his second year in, that's only 1 win away from the NFC Championship, that's "sniffing distance", imho.

    Not a Cousins fan, just don't agree the Vikings haven't had at least some success since he's been there...
  10. Daillest88

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    Seriously this is getting old
  11. MountaineerCowboy

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    They went from an NFC Championship appearance to a Wild Card win and two seasons of missing the playoffs with Cousins.

    I believe that is just an expensive downgrade.

    The question remains, what has Dak done that Cousins hasn't?
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  12. Bowdown27

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    I meant like imagine they didn’t franchise him and he went to the market. Hed easily get 40
  13. Ranching

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    A few days ago, some posters on here were saying that Mahomes had a team friendly deal that would allow KC to keep players.
    Is that the case?
    Serious question, I'm not very good at contracts and i know some of you are....
  14. dckid

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    It's unbelievable a QB that went 2-3 last season with a horrid defense, never advanced beyond the divisional round, and coming off a serious injury could make this demand.

    I've been in the sign Dak camp, but man be reasonable. At this point it looks more and more likely Dak is headed for the tag if this report is true.
  16. Doomsday101

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    I don't see the money as the big issue as much as years on the contract. I fully expect Dak will get paid 2nd behind Mahomes but for it to work he and his agent need to extend the time. In Mahomes case it is a 10 year deal and even though there are incentives built into Mahomes deal that increases the value of the contract it is still easier to manage over the length of the deal.
  17. phildadon86

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    LOL. Lebron is the WORST example you could give. The guy wants to win but also wants MAX money everywhere he goes. Also has a lifetime contract with Nike that will make him a billionaire. Worst example.
  18. LACowboysFan1

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    Won more games and threw for a lesser int percentage, just for a couple. Not that it means a lot, but you asked ;)

    Really I think the issue is that Cousins has 9 years in the league, Dak only a bit over 4, the possible upside for Dak is greater. Is that enough for Dallas to pony up the big bucks?

    Not for me, but it ain't up to me....
  19. aikemirv

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    Jerry, just tell him to pound sand and use the Non Exclusive tag.

    It is getting to be an easier decision by the day.
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    I mean on daks they are doing what they should asking for the moon and hopefully the price comes down and we meet them at the stars with a very good contract. Kicking the can down the road with dak has led to this wiggle room in negotiations unfortunately.
    This should have been taken care of already.

    alas, here we are and I’m guessing he will get around. $40m and a deal gets done. It’s really too bad the cap gymnastics for Seattle make a Wilson trade so hard to do because as good as dak is- Wilson is better and gets paid less.

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