Dak's 444 yards and 3TDs gave NE pause

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GMO415, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. Runwildboys

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    His best run Sunday was probably the one where he followed the FB. Apparently, he doesn't like doing that, but if that's how he's gonna get yards, too bad.
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  2. NumOneQB

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    Defense will have to play better for this team to beat NE. I’m not worried about the Pats stopping the offense. It’s the Dallas D stopping Brady that’s concerning.
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  3. Cover 2

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    Philly hasn't been the same since they lost Frank Reich
  4. GMO415

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    #1 Offense vs #1 Def......
  5. Blackrain

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    Agreed feels like our LBs have taken a step back just dont seem like the aggressive tacklers they were last year . Always seems like when we do something well one year the NFL is quick to adjust and we just stand pat for a year and get killed .
  6. Tusan_Homichi

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    I would not be surprised if he tried to make Zeke beat them. I mean, can we play mistake-free enough to sustain drives when we can't get bigger chunks in the passing game? We've done it at times, but it's that intermediate to deep passing game that's our bread and butter this year and the Pats have an extremely talented secondary. We'll see.
  7. ESisback

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    Adapt or die! That’s on the coaches.
  8. sideon

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    The Eagles did not almost have them, they scored 10pts in the first half and were shutout in the second half.
    See these comments let me know that ya'll don't really watch games outside of the Cowboys. Brady gets rid of the ball faster than anyone in the league, and they design routes to get the WRs open quickly. Also Brady has never been mobile but he's shifty in the pocket.
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  9. JoeKing

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    The Pats defense won't be able to stop the Dak attack on offense, likewise, the Cowboys defense won't be able to stop Brady. This game will be a shootout.
    48-41 Cowboys!
  10. TwoDeep3

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    Screen the crap out of the Pats. Then attack that zone when they react.
  11. Johnny23

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    You're right. Reich has been fantastic in Indy.
  12. Runwildboys

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    The Eagles had a chance to win the game on their last drive. If that's not almost having them, then what is?
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  13. AmariChill

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    I'm more worried about their running game. Their running game isn't great, but we just let Bo Scarbaugh and Jeff Driskel score 27 points on us. The Pats O is capable of WAY more than that, and they already have the film to beat our defense (throw screens and run the ball down their throats)...
  14. eromeopolk

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    Belichick is going to take away Gallup with the twins, lock Gilmore on Cooper, and tell Dak to beat them in the air with Witten and Cobb. Boy Genius and the Clapper will oblige.

    Belichick is going to line up in the I formation and play a controlled power rush game with Tom throwing to the RBs and TE, gimmick Elderman at QB and run the spread on some plays and run the two back with Michel and Harrison/Burkhead. The Cowboys LBs have played poorly vs. the run and single coverage vs. RBs and TEs this year.

    He is going to trust that the Cowboys coaches will not adjust by using Elliott and Pollard on consecutive plays via run and pass which has hampered Elliott to get going. This is something in 2019 the Cowboys have not done.
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  15. shabazz

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    Watching the multiple screen plays the Chargers were running last night really reminded me that we rarely run one worth a damn
  16. shabazz

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    and that throw to Algholar was a Dime in the end zone. I swear that guy can only catch a pass from Foles, LOL
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  17. ESisback

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    I agree. Bellichick will have a plan like this, and our coaches will have a plan for that. It will be effective for a couple of series, but then Belly will adapt, and our coaches won’t. They’ll get TDs, while we get FGs.

    I find it kinda funny that a few weeks ago, all we heard is “The GOAT, the greatest coach, and the greatest defense of all time!” Now that they’re playing Dallas, all the pundits say is “The Patriots aren’t the same!” Maybe not, but we still have Garrett, and I bet the Pats will play like they did against the Steelers.
  18. Coy

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    Let's take it easy, the Lions have one of the league's worst D's, ranking 30th in the league.
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  19. GMO415

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    NE could shut out our offense, but I can't say that about us doi
    Pretty much everyone who plays them could say the same. End results.
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  20. Proximo

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    Outside of the Ravens (who beat the Patriots), who has their toughest opponent been?

    What’s their most impressive win?

    I think we are their toughest opponent so far outside of Baltimore.

    I’m not saying I think we are going to win.
    I really have no idea how Sunday’s game will play out. But we definitely have a legitimate chance to win.

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