Video: Dallas and Dak Don't Show Up – NFL Wild Card Playoff Weekend | Kurt Warner Game Tape Breakdown

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zman5, Jan 19, 2022.

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    McCarthy gets no credit from me.. The guy is a quack. I

    Having said that, if coaching is everything, why didn't anybody coach Romo out of trying to be a hero? The only reason Dak started in 2016 was because Romo was trying to make a play and be a hero in a meaningless pre season game. Romo was 36 years old and 13 year vet at the time.. Old habits never die. Maybe at the college level, i might believe you that coaching matters, But as i said, at some point you are what you are as a QB.

    The best example of this is Fitzmagic. He can play good, disciplined football for a few games but eventually he resorts back to his old habits and starts throwing picks and he unravels.

    The same thing happens to Dak too.
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    do you want to win the sb at some point or celebrate every year that we got embarrassed in the playoffs and lose to every better teams during the season?

    do you really want to celebrate your qbs 50+ points against defenses like WFT that wouldnt been able to compete against better college offenses?

    id rather have no qb for 3 years, go 0-17 every year and invest my draft material in finding a guy who can actually play the game.
    but it seems you love to be average. well, you could have had that with dalton too. i guess rush is able to give you that also.
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    How do you get to the SB? You need to win the regular season games first to get a chance to win the SB.
    We saw what Dalton looked like last year and he didn't get it done. And you want Rush because of one good start he had in his career? LOL.
    If you are going to do that, Dak has plenty more than one good game to look at.

    Playing for draft pick is the worst thing you can do. Go look at the Jets and Cleveland that consistently picked high in the draft.
    Those teams don't have a franchise QB yet. Cleveland even used the first pick overall in the draft.
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    No it does not.

    Dak cant play good. He looks good because the opponent plays weak.
    When the opponent is better he looks bad. but he plays at his same level.

    dak didnt play good just because he threw 5 tds against wft. he played at the same level he did against arizona or against denver.

    or would you say: man dak played a great game just because he threw for 500 yds an 6 tds against a kindergarden football defense?

    stats are meaningless if you dont measure in the strength of the opponent.
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    you did not understand one word of what i wrote.

    no its not. thats just a stupid phrase people will tell you who arent able to think about it.

    just for the record: i never said nor meant that i want to play for picks. you took that out of context so it fits your argumentation.

    just because some teams fail does not mean every team does.
    AND just imagine you can trade draft picks also for proven veteran QBs.

    but i understand why you are willing to live in mediocrity if you are so afraid of failure.
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    No i agree. I've been saying it for years now.
    Dak turns into an elite QB when the defense starts playing bend but don't break and as soon as teams go back to regular base defense, after the score gets close, he struggles. That's why he always falls short on comebacks.

    It's happened so many times over his career that I'm not going to list all the games that it did...the most recent examples are the 9ers games and the cardinals games

    First 3 quarters of a football game Dak is Quincy Carter but in the 4th quarter (in blow out losses) he turns into Staubach because that's when he doesn't have to think much, he just takes the check downs and gets the stats that way.

    Maybe they need to hire an OC that can let him be a 1 read type of QB i dunno.. Moore's offense is obviously too "cute" and complicated for Dak.
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    This is what you wrote.
    If that isn't saying you want to lose and go 0-17 to get high draft picks, I don't know what is.
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    i know that may hurt but yes you dont.

    as i already said it is taken out of context.

    read again and try to understand what i tried to explain to you.
  9. Zman5

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    That's what you wrote and now you are trying to squirm out of it. Stop beating around the bush and tell us what you meant when you wrote "I'd rather have no qb for 3 years, go 0-17 every year and invest my draft material in finding a guy who can actually play the game."?

    There is no other meaning besides wanting to lose when someone says they want to "go 0-17 every year".
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    Because JG sucked. I had the same issue with JG on how he handled Romo. Romo could have had much more success and career had Jerry not hire the HC in training.
    You want to compare Fitzmagic to Favre, Romo and Dak. Fitzpatrick sucks. I didn't say you can coach everything out of someone who sucked.
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    plays missed?
    room for improvement?

    after 6 years this guy struggles against too defences regularly
    Just watch the video, Cooper and CD are one on one and the defence knows he won’t throw to them because he is scared
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    What an awesome breakdown.

    Highlights our biggest problems: Dak not thinking clearly, and coaching a) not fixing that b) not fixing other problems.

    Dak at this point should know the common sense things Warner highlights. These are so basic all of us can understand it. For some reason, he isn't analyzing the defense quickly or correctly, which is odd, because he is able to do that and we've all witnessed it. It's a ridiculous regression for someone so highly paid and esteemed.

    Coaches, especially Moore and the QB coach, should have been able to see this stuff after one or two games and addressed it with Dak. They clearly didn't, because these issues kept happening again and again since the Denver game. Dallas coaches are the reason our 40 m QB loses the game; Niners coaches are the reason Jimmy G wins.

    Coaches are responsible for teaching the details Warner highlights. They clearly don't. We are not an organized or efficient or well coordinated offense. We do not get more out of lesser players, but less out of better players.

    On defense, its the opposite. We are disciplined, organized, and our most important player--a rookie who hadn't played football in two years and only spent two years at his position--always knew what to do, where to be etc.

    What does that tell you? McCarthy, Moore, Nussmeier bad; Quinn, Edwards, Whitt, good
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    Yep and this is the thing that the Dak lovers fails to understand. They keep repeating that "it's the QB market" and that somehow all QB's automatically should be paid 40+ million because Mahomes or Rodgers got a massive contract. Like no one and I mean no one would mistake Ryan Tannehill for either Mahomes or Rodgers. Why then would we mistake Dak Prescott to be in the caliber of either of those QB's when he has never shown any proof that he has the elite arm skills that either Mahomes or Rodgers has? A marketplace does not mean that everything on trade in the marketplace goes for the same price.
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    What disturbs me about this is during the game doesn't Dak sit down and look at a tablet. What about Moore sitting with him or how about this guru McCarthy sitting down with Dak. Plus this has been going on since the Denver game and things still haven't been addressed. Where was the oline coach when those guys were on the sidelines. Does anyone coach the team during the game? We even saw Brady break a tablet during the Redskin game but least he glanced at it.
  15. Hadenough

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    Next thing you know we will here about the locker room being divided because Daks taking all the money and isn't producing when it matters. I guarantee thoughts are going through some players heads about that.
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    I see a lot of people blaming KM and that is definitely part of it but maybe not for the reasons you think.

    KW mentioned some modifications to routes to influence certain zone defenders, well maybe those routes were already supposed to be ran that way but the route running was undisciplined. I don't know tbh. You would have to watch it all again and chart which WR's are running the routes etc... If it's mostly the same guy then you know it's route discipline.

    Or you could just ask the coach.

    But for things like that, it's on the HC to make sure his coaches (OC and position coaches) are teaching/stressing route discipline.

    Fact is, we don't know. What we do know is that Daks presnap reads are often wrong and that he also does not want to throw routes with anticipation. He wants to already see his guy running free or he won't throw it. That's no bueno.

    I'd have him working all off season on throwing to his WR's before their break. Drill it into him. I'd also drill him on presnap looks and on what zone defender to read post snap.

    I was always against Daks contract because I knew he wasn't at that level and he needs to be carried to be successful but what's done is done and the cowboys are stuck with it now. Best they can do is give him the best coaching possible and hope he can "get it". They can't afford to give him all-pros at every position. Dak made sure of that.
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    this was a great video and pretty much confirmed everything I have been thinking. Moore is way in over his head and Dak just cannot read a defense or even the hot read. He cannot lead a receiver and needs to see them wide open. I have a friend saying its the O-line fault for the sacks and him being hurried and this video shows that Dak doesnt even read the D and see the guy coming.

    Someone please send this video to Jerry so we can get rid of Moore. The play designs are a joke and there is no attention to detail.
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    Dak has a no trade clause. But yes if we had better offensive coaches with our same players they would be so much better. But doesn't look like much change is coming and we've already wasted our best shot at winning in the playoffs. I doubt our offense or defense will be as good going forward. If quin takes the Giants job this division is over for us.
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    I watched this again and I am even more disappointed than the first time I watched it.

    this is 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.

    Don't get me wrong. Dak was bad. he should have made a lot of the throws earlier, but didn't. I still think its because of his bad/sloppy foot work and he didn't trust himself and it was shades of 2018, holding on too long too the ball. earlier in the year he didn't do that and was making throws earlier....whatever the reasons...his fundamentals sucked in second half of the season.

    But Moore was also awful in schming. can't tell you how many plays I saw and defense was just sitting on it, expecting it....few of the plays the WRs are running go routes and DBs are 10-15 yard deep at the start, expecting have fat chance of getting open. many of the plays he is attacking the same area on the field and thus the defense is flodding the area. fat chance you can find an open man there. he forgot how to attack all the different areas of the field. some plays that he did, Dak missed his opportunities. the offense became very predictable and thus very easy to defend. several of the plays the defense took away the options and there was only one option, which then you have to have perfect execution and that's a tough way to make a living for any offense....

    I think Moore and Dak lost trust in each other.....and both acted desparate. I know there is a comfort level there between the two of them, but its perhaps time for a divorce.....somebody new needs to come in, with no prior history and reset things and push Dak and work on his fundamentals. perhaps Moore can go somewhere else and learn from a different coach in a different role.

    but this combination will end up same place next year and results will be even worse. McCarthy has to step in and mentor Moore better and Jerry has to allow him that. you can't tell the HC, leave the OC alone and yet hold the head coach responsible. that's screwed up
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