Signed by Cowboys Dallas signs RB Ronald Jones


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Ronald Jones Scouting Report: 2nd Round pick (#38 overall) in 2018


Jones is a classic slasher with the wiggle and explosiveness to elude open-field tacklers and then burst to chunks of yardage. Jones was a much more assertive runner in 2017 and improved upon areas of improvement from the 2016 season. Jones also has the ability to turn into a much more dangerous pass-catcher than we saw at USC. He should test well at the Combine, but there will still be teams concerned with how many carries he can handle and how that affects his draft value. He's a big play talent with a chance to thrive at a high level wherever he lands.

  • Runs with desired level of calm in the face of oncoming traffic
  • Trusts blocking development and hides cut intentions until the last second
  • Plays with light, electric feet that are dynamic in tight quarters
  • Elite plant and acceleration
  • Loose hips able to make rare cuts as sharp as 90 degrees
  • Deadly stop-start to ruin linebackers trying to pace and mirror him
  • Can find side door out of traffic and to the outside track
  • Maintains top play speed and is able to string together moves on moves on moves
  • Has lower body wiggle to dead-leg tackle attempts and slide by defender
  • Willful as a runner
  • Squares pads at impact for improved contact balance
  • Fights for yardage and falls forward
  • Had just two fumbles over 591 carries
  • Wasn't prolific as pass-catcher but is more than capable
  • Willing to stand in and offer some blitz protection
  • Relatively lean frame
  • Could require limitations with his touch count over the course of a season
  • Coming off of a 275-touch 2017 campaign
  • Interior vision can be a little inconsistent and will leave meat on the bone
  • Lacks a broad base and contact balance could become an issue on next level
  • Reactive runner who could still use a more fine-tuned rush plan
  • Needs to balance pace with patience
  • Can get too far downhill leaving himself limited escape routes
  • Has room for improvement with run track in gap scheme
  • Can improve tempo and rhythm to set up cutbacks on stretch plays
  • Takes too many punishing blows in his quest for additional yardage


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Good signing. We all knew they would bring in a vet. Now I wonder if they will bring in another to compete with Jones.

For the record, I still believe the Cowboys draft a RB in the first half of the draft. This is just a complementary piece.
Wish they would have looked at Foreman instead.


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I don't mind this signing either but is the running back pecking order now Pollard, Jones, Davis and Dowdle?