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Twitter: Dallas unlikely to retain Byron Jones

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by QuincyCarterEra, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. QuincyCarterEra

    QuincyCarterEra Well-Known Member

    9,659 Messages
    8,797 Likes Received
  2. mardwin

    mardwin Well-Known Member

    3,049 Messages
    4,512 Likes Received
    RBs are replaceable this league is all about the QBs and D.
  3. Runwildboys

    Runwildboys Well-Known Member

    24,898 Messages
    47,536 Likes Received
    That would be a huge mistake.
  4. AmariChill

    AmariChill Well-Known Member

    4,359 Messages
    8,071 Likes Received
    He will be a huge loss :laugh:.
  5. Tussinman

    Tussinman Well-Known Member

    1,457 Messages
    1,675 Likes Received
    Gonna be a huge blow regardless of what anyone else says.

    The narrative was "we can let him walk because Kris is gonna coach up Woods, Lewis, Chido" and none of those 3 have taken that next step up this year. It's been such a letdown that you might actually be forced to make him a solid offer (kinda like D-law, we had no alternative or backup so we kinda had to make him an offer)
  6. SeanLee50

    SeanLee50 Well-Known Member

    15,961 Messages
    25,735 Likes Received
    Before this year, I agreed.

    After this year, let him walk. He’s too inconsistent, doesn’t make plays on the ball in the air and is getting beat by lesser players. I would love to retain him, but I’m not paying top dollar for him.

    He just looks better because Awuzie is ****
  7. Seven

    Seven Messenger to the football Gods

    17,470 Messages
    7,713 Likes Received
    Well then. Expect it.
  8. kskboys

    kskboys Well-Known Member

    19,953 Messages
    22,124 Likes Received
    Might be, but it's a bigger mistake to pay him.

    Yes, it as was also a mistake to pay Zeke.
  9. MizzouCowboy4

    MizzouCowboy4 Well-Known Member

    1,437 Messages
    1,027 Likes Received

    Agree. Not impressed
    zack likes this.
  10. ClappingCarrot

    ClappingCarrot Well-Known Member

    3,322 Messages
    9,435 Likes Received
    Hope we can draft a corner in the first round next year that replaces his one interception every other year.
  11. ChuckA1

    ChuckA1 Zone Supporter

    991 Messages
    1,181 Likes Received
    I agree we should keep him, but if I remember correctly, there were complaints about BJ's play his first couple of years. These young guys may rise to the occasion.

    I do understand he was playing out of position at safety some of that time.
  12. StuckMojo

    StuckMojo Well-Known Member

    1,292 Messages
    1,607 Likes Received
    Gonna miss those 2 career interceptions
  13. MizzouCowboy4

    MizzouCowboy4 Well-Known Member

    1,437 Messages
    1,027 Likes Received

    No joke
  14. cern

    cern Well-Known Member

    11,372 Messages
    15,736 Likes Received
    same was said regarding la'el Collins. we'll just have to wait and see.
  15. sdfidaho

    sdfidaho Well-Known Member

    839 Messages
    965 Likes Received
    Compensation pick in 2021
    J12B likes this.
  16. Tussinman

    Tussinman Well-Known Member

    1,457 Messages
    1,675 Likes Received
    To be fair his bad play was more the coaches forcing him out of position because "he's a great athlete we can get him to play whatever we want" (years 2 and 3 which are key years he's at the wrong position, that's a long time out of position). His first year starting at CB he made 2nd team all-pro

    Byron is having a good year but not nearly as good as last year. Wonder if that will affect his offers/prices (if we can get him at a non-pro bowl price it's worth a look)
    pancakeman and ChuckA1 like this.
  17. JayFord

    JayFord Well-Known Member

    5,355 Messages
    8,704 Likes Received
    Maybe its me but im fine with letting him walk
  18. kskboys

    kskboys Well-Known Member

    19,953 Messages
    22,124 Likes Received
    We're fixing to paint ourselves into the same corner we were in a few years ago, paying the starters so much that our backups were trash. You cannot pay everyone, and we've already paid too many. IMO.
  19. dragon_mikal

    dragon_mikal Fire Garrett

    9,515 Messages
    6,107 Likes Received
    Who cares? Let him walk, focus on the defensive line, get a good secondary coach and see things improve.
  20. cowboyblue22

    cowboyblue22 Well-Known Member

    8,270 Messages
    7,000 Likes Received
    I don't think u pay a corner that has two career interceptions in over five years but they should of not paid zeke either

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