News: Dez Bryant tweets he wants to rejoin Dallas Cowboys 2018 Season

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by morasp, Oct 2, 2018.

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    Dez Bryant tweets he wants to rejoin Dallas Cowboys

    By: K.D. Drummond | 30 minutes ago

    Free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant has been without a team after being unceremoniously released by the Dallas Cowboys a week before the 2018 NFL draft. Since, he turned down at least one long-term offer to join the Baltimore Ravens and has been connected to other teams to no avail. Now, as he seems to be truly ready to rejoin the NFL, Bryant launched a bombshell on Twitter, stating he would prefer to rejoin the Dallas Cowboys.

    The Cowboys have not been great in the wide receiver department through the team’s first four games. Cole Beasley is the team’s leading receiver with 16 catches for 185 yards. Tavon Austin leads the club with two receiving touchdowns but just 81 yards. The club continues to struggle in the red zone
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    :lmao2:NO THANK YOU!
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  3. Boyzmamacita

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    I saw the tweet. I feel bad for him. I believe he could actually help us (on the field).
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  4. rynochop

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    He'd immediately be the best receiver on the team, which is sad
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  5. Qbert

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    Wonder what Fredrick and "Snake" Lee think about this
  6. funkytown

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    I think you take him back. For this one reason. He wants to prove everyone wrong.

    Not to mention we have no playmakers on the outside.
  7. Swanny

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    I was happy that we cut him. Still am to be honest. But if he comes cheap then why not do it
  8. TheCount

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    If Brice Butler can get another chance, why not.
  9. Ranching

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    Neither are playing....that's ironic.
  10. Mookie

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    I'd welcome him back with open arms and I'll even packv his bags and drive him to the stadium myself. Dez would spark our offense and Zeke, not to mention the red zone threat that he is.

    Come back Dez!
  11. Bowdown27

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    Stephen didn’t dismiss it either. I think he was so butthurt for a bit that he was being negative. He misses the team and loves dallas
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    Can't believe he turned down a supposed $7 million AAV multiyear deal from the Ravens. What a moron.
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  13. Praxit

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    ..yeah...Wow..!! I actually feel bad for him. But in primary perspective he brought this upon himself. Dallas could use him, of course. At the same time could mess up chemistry that is being built.
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  14. waving monkey

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    too awkward
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  15. Praxit

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    .....that's was his ego, throwing up the X in that everyone wanted
  16. jsb357

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  17. foofighters

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    Just when I was glad the Earl Thomas threads were going to die, this other topic won't die.
  18. Corso

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    I won't get angry if they do it. Wait... I almost never get angry.
    Darn you Zen!!!
  19. SeanLee50

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    I’d be ok with it. Cut Thompson and Williams.
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    Does Snake Lee get a veto?

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