Twitter: Dez calls out Jason Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Nov 1, 2021.

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    How could he stop him?
    I think Dez was happy with Dez and only worked on his strengths. As much as JG was a turd, I can't blame him for a player not working to improve his weaknesses. Self awareness is ultimately an individual responsibility.
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    Dez is speaking the truth but to bring it up now?

    Some things are best left unsaid since now people are going to be asking who the "favorites" were, etc.. I 100 percent believe Dez on this but maybe this is something that should have been discussed a long time ago. To talk about the culture of the 2012 Cowboys in 2021 is pointless.
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    Note the part where I said that you know who you were drafting. With the lack of stability in his raising Dez was going to need someone (a mentor) to be able to tell him to get an off season wr coach. He was going to need someone to push him because he wasn't going to do it on his on. If this things weren't going to be there, via head coach or someone else, then don't draft him.

    That being said he's still the all-time leader in receiving td in Cowboys history.
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    Dez should be mad at himself for getting rid of his babysitter, but when you are socially re-tarded you don't know what you need. *grabs girlfriend and drags her back to the car* yep everybody does this
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    8 years after he was relevant.......
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    Nailed it!
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    I believe Dez...
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