Twitter: Dez calls out Jason Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Nov 1, 2021.

  1. TwentyOne

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    If you felt in your 3rd year that things in dallas went the wrong way then why did you signed your 2nd contract there ?

    Just let it go.
  2. J12B

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    No way.

    Keep him as far away as possible.
  3. G2

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    It still is.
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  4. GMO415

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    It's over Daz. Here's the reality, you're a hasbeen. You're not changing history and you're in the history books as is.

    No point in blaming folks.

    Stop living your life in the rearview mirror and start using the windshield.
  5. EST_1986

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    Garrett is a scam artist, guy can't coach to save his life :clap clap:
  6. birdwells1

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    This what was wrong with the Romo/Garrett era Cowboys, then Romo and Witten trying to sell the locker-room that they're just one of the guys. LOL


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  7. birdwells1

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    The rug wasn't pulled out, the guy lasted 5 years longer than he was supposed to. Matter of fact he never should have gotten the job anyway. Looking at the job he's doing in NY just makes everyone fully aware of his incompetence.
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  8. Wolfpack

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    TO said pretty much the same stuff and I think Crayton too.
  9. Vtwin

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    Dez is definitely a 'wears his heart on his sleeve' type of guy.

    I admire that even if it's not always in his best interest.
  10. DallasEast

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    Perhaps Dez Bryant will keep tweeting about old stuff long enough for it to pay off with Uber Eats putting Garrett and him together for one of their commercials in another ten years like Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill.
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  11. Verdict

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    Lol. Dez is gone because he sucked as a player, which is why he is not playing for another team now.
  12. Nova

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    Agreed. But man, it would suck to be as talented as him (or Romo) and essentially waste your whole career under Garrett.
  13. Zordon

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    Team bonding during the Garrett era vs team bonding during the McCarthy era....

  14. Aven8

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    Crayton, TO, and now Dez.
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  15. glimmerman

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  16. Ranching

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    Any fool can spot an average person.....but not any fool can spot a hall of famer...
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  17. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Anyone that still criticizes Dez just can’t admit the man was right when he left. Most likely they were Dez haters.

    To each their own but obviously Dez wasn’t making it up.
  18. Cowpolk

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    Player COACH?
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  19. iamliko22

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  20. Ranching

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    Dez is a true Cowboy....
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