News: Dez eviscerates Jason Garrett on Twitter

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by DOUBLE WING, Jul 27, 2018.

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    I'm no Dez Fan at all, but that is most likely a true statement, and that part has to be appreciated about Dez.
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    If you plan on use quotes when replying to a message, make sure you copy an actual quote from someone, not something fabricated to fit your agenda. I did not once mention that line, or infer anything of the sort.mnjjijujujujujuju

    Not being a SB contender? We have had multiple teams that were SB contenders, with the talent to win it multiple years. If you want to continue to blame Jerry and Stephen for Terry Glenn fumbling resulting in a safety --> Romo dropping the FG snap against Seattle, Patrick Crayton dropping the sure fire TD in the NYG game, Dean Blandino overruling Dez's catch on 4th and 1, you can continue to do so.

    Dallas consistently has had more than enough talent to stick around the big dance, yes the teams have had some major flaws covered up by Romo and Witten at times, however the majority of teams have flaws that their QB's cover up for.

    My point is, there are a selective group of fans that continue to complain on deaf ears about Jerry and Stephen, when it is utterly pointless to do so. They are not going anywhere. They have helped build this organization and it has grown substantially. Save the energy and stop whining about things that won't change. At least directing your frustration towards JG is reasonable, considering he is a movable piece.

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    This is why I said it was pointless to discuss this topic with you. I cannot take foolishness like this seriously.
  4. ShortRound131

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    lol wrecked by skip no less

  5. Captain-Crash

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    there's your future Cowboys fan, Stephen didn't fall far from the old man's hickory nut tree.
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    And my point is, which you completely missed, is that it's weak and lame to think everyone has to copy your fanhood. Why would you think everyone has to be a fan like you? Why can't you allow people to be fans as they wish?
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  7. Verdict

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    You are right. You can't be taken seriously, because you can't accept the truth even after being given the benefit of hindsight. B
  8. Verdict

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    Dez seriously can't help himself. Anyone who can't accept who Dez is after all this evidence is just putting their head under a rock.
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    He can't help himself? You just created a whole thread just so you could keep trashing him. Skip got the info wrong and Dez just told him to shut up. You Dez haters are seriously challenged and I can't wait to see who ya'll blame for yet another failed season.
  10. Verdict

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    No. That's all you would like for it to be. Lol.

    Dez called out Jerry, who paid him millions and defended Dez like a son. He called out Snake Lee. He called out Fred Beard. He called out Skippy.

    People have been trying to calm him down and he will have none of it. You just want the criticism to stop.

    Do you think Dez. Is stable? Yes or no?
  11. Verdict

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    When was this? Seattle game?
  12. DandyDon52

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    well most owners around the league are more mature than the jones boys, lol they hire other people to do what the jones boys want to
    do themselves.
    They want to be involved in every aspect of the cowboys, have complete control, make all the decisions, and be the spokesmen.
    It is a toy to them and they enjoy playing with it, and if that means they dont get past div round , that is ok with them,cause it is
    still fun to play with the cowboys like a toy.
    They love microphones and cameras, being on tv, and spreading their wisdom in answering questions.

    The cowboys had been a joke, then jerry hired parcells, and then they got lucky and discovered tony romo,and
    tony put them back in the top by being exciting and entertaining. No championships, but always entertaining.

    They decided to make their own HC, rather than hire one lol and it hasnt led to championships, but is entertaining.
    It was a innovative concept though.
  13. crazytown41

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  14. Buzzbait

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    That's true, but you do see the smarter teams make adjustments during the game when needed. Key phrase....the smarter teams. Not the Cowboys. Garrett believes his game plans are so good he doesn't need to make adjustments, even when we're losing.
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  15. 1972COWBOY

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    I can accept that he is a skeleton in the closet. Looks like he is trying to get the Cowboys distracted and derail their season. He is right about JG but he types very loud. Why can't he just move on and be a TV announcer for Dallas games.
  16. JustChip

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    True enough. But that to me is different issue than a "predictable offense". It's an inability to have a "feel" for the game and respond accordingly.
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  17. Jipper

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    He's actually very different, much more pragmatic and logical, which is why he's going to be a great owner when Jerry moves on.
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  18. Captain-Crash

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    lmao.. yeah keep dreaming. The apple never falls far from the tree.
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  19. JustChip

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    That's the problem with the me, me, me players. There may actually be some measure of truth in what they say, but when their first priority is self-aggrandizement, you have to take what they say with a grain of salt.

    Case in point is T. O. and his HoF induction. He says protesting the HoF process is why he's not going there. But based on his history, it has nothing to do with protesting the process and trying to effect change, it's simply T. O. wanting it to be all about T. O.
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  20. Sydla

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    Actually when one says go be a fan of another team, that’s pretty much exactly what you are saying.
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