News: Dez eviscerates Jason Garrett on Twitter

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by DOUBLE WING, Jul 27, 2018.

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    That's true. I certainly have similarities to my dad beyond just the physical. But I'm also my own man and have significant differences. Same with my daughter and I. I don't see Stephen as the same egomaniacal, attention seeking person Jerry is. Of course, over time he or anyone can grow into that. As they say, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
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    If you think Dez is washed now at this point you have an argument. For you to act like in his prime he wasn't a top WR shows you are irrational and unstable. Good day
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    I agree. Linehan should have been gone 2 years ago. But if it’s JG playbook then it don’t matter who the OC is. This team needs a new playbook but using something of the same run plays.
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    Y'all are totally missing it here. What's the latest Twitter news? They're losing participation and not just a slight dip, double digits. Who is the best known out of work most likely to do something stupid player? Am I the only one seeing the connection? How many football fans love or hate the Cowboys and have a Twitter account? Think they aren't glued to it waiting for the next the next thing to roll out of his underdeveloped mind?
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    I’m bored, what are you up to my man Desmond? Tweet something!
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    It's funny seeing someone criticize Dez when, even if the criticism is accurate (usually not in Verdict's case), their own behavior dwarf's Dez's by comparison.
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    I think Dez needed to go for several reasons, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't have a point. He's handling it poorly, but he is a mental child. If you really look at what he's saying, he isn't just making this stuff up. Someone (a player or players) still with the Cowboys TOLD him some of that stuff. I doubt he'd just make it up about Lee and Fredbeard. While it may be true or untrue, someone who isn't content is feeding him info.

    It was crappy how they waited to release him. They should have done it sooner. It was even crappier that Stephen Jones called him out afterward. That being said, if he wants a job in the NFL he's doing a piss poor job of handling the situation. Even before all of this, as a gm if I needed a WR badly, I'd only offer the vet minimum for a one year deal to "kick the tires" as it were. Now I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole.
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    He mentions Dez then Witten. Witten retires while the team wished he didn't and Dez gets run out of town!!! lol Which makes the quote even more ridiculous. Might as well just tell Dez it was all his fault cause that's exactly how it sounded. The funny thing was he mentioned Dez, then he knew he had to back peddle and mention someone else. And then Dez isn't supposed to get POed? It was a compliment? lol
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    They fell apart AGAIN!! You're not watching? #1 seed loses at home, then the following year misses the playoffs? Not like they build on anything while another division team blows by..
  11. Verdict

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    It defies logic doesn't it? Someone puts out an inaccurate quote by SJ and next thing you know Dez is calling Sean Lee a snake and Frederick out. Where does that come from? How are they even remotely related?
  12. Verdict

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    What did Lee have to do with that comment? Frederick? Any of it?
  13. MarcusRock

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    I agree. The quote was unwarranted. I still want to hear what Stephen was asked but the topic was clearly about Dak. It also makes Dak look weak. Hopefully, playing football will put all of this in the rear view but I have to say that I worry about this football team and especially worry about us not doing enough with the young talent we have and their window of opportunity.
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    Love him or hate him, but no former player can draw flies the way he can. 51 pages .........:laugh:
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    You put the full blame on Garrett and Linehan? The game was lost on a CB giving up a long reception where the WR was able to get out of bounds. A loss in playoffs against Seattle involved a mishap by Tony Romo on a game winning field goal attempt. Was this also Garrett’s fault?
  16. DandyDon52

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    he is running the team now, so what you have now is what you will have after jerry.
    he will still meddle and be gm.
  17. Streetwise

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    How? A young QB with veteran players wanting the ball chiming in is quite common. Mix in a dysfunctional player who can't move forward and it's pretty clear.
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    I was saying we need to get rid of Dez back when he was holding out before he got paid. Paying him was a huge mistake. He was never going to live up to that contract and he never did. Better late than never when they finally did get rid of him. Dez's action since being cut shows what a bad teammate he really was. He didn't "eviscerate JG", he just sealed his fate for not getting an offer by another NFL team. Front offices don't like distractions and Dez wasn't beng a good enough player to overlook his distractions. He's done in the NFL and he has no one to blame but himself.
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    yes, and that is a huge part as to why we are now one of the youngest teams in the NFL and coming out of salary cap hell....also, to say he "will still meddle and be GM" is speculation. None of us know if he is going to be like his father in that regard and only time will tell...
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    Yeah. It's so fun to do! Lol
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