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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by lukin2006, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. lukin2006

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    She might have medical issues...lol
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  2. lukin2006

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    The dude she's shacked up with doesn't like football. So I immediately know he is a loser. What real man doesn't like football. lol
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    It's unnatural to not like football since that's what the Dallas Cowboys play most of the time. They didn't play last Sunday so I'm expecting a great show this coming weekend.
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    Part of the reason I dont believe in marriage. Hopefully your lawyer makes it so you dont have to pay adult support!
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    as u r probably aware, divorce law vary widely depending on your location.
    u may have to figure out what is your premarital possessions.
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    Going to spend Christmas with my dad. Have a few glasses of wine, watch Monday Night Football. It should be a good night, into Christmas Day. We are cooking a turkey. Wish us luck...:lmao::lmao::lmao:
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    What a nasty piece of work she sounds like! Glad I've never dated in my life.
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  8. lukin2006

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    That’s ok then.
  9. Master22

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    My brothers divorce was rough. His ex admitted sleeping with others while he was working and was even found to not take care of their daughter (toddler) very well because she was high and slept in late a lot, none of that mattered at all. In fact, the one night that they slept together (first time since she was pregnant) it was considered an act of forgiveness on his end. He had to pay for her house "alimony" and child support even though she couldn't hold a job on her own faults. It unfortunately took my niece to come under physical harm and many occurrences of drug related incidents for him to pull her out of that house and get custody. I remember one of the first things his lawyer told him regarding the situation. Being a man in divorce is like playing chess where all you have is pawns against their full board, and every move you make must be defensive or you will lose. It never mattered how outlandish her actions were, it only mattered what his response to it was. I will say however this was in NY, a sh** state to live in. I do not miss it one bit.

    Divorce is changing though for one reason and one reason only, women are beginning to be effected by the financial BS that follows it. It's like DV, no one gives a damn as long as its a man that is being abused. It takes a woman to come in and say "hold on a second, were trying to have a family here and we can't because he has to send his paycheck to someone who is abusing the system". Or the high powered women with deeper pockets than their husbands that are beginning to pay after the divorces and the resulting complaints with how unfair it is that they have to pay for some lazy man in their past life.

    I have seen it pretty heavily against men from the beginning of my eyes awakening to reality. But as DaBoyz jokingly edited post above, she isn't entirely wrong either.... The times that are changing is beginning to reward the lazy no matter the gender.
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