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CZ POLL Do you want Mike McCarthy fired?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Jan 16, 2022.


Do you want Mike McCarthy fired?

Poll closed Jan 17, 2022.
  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. buybuydandavis

    buybuydandavis Well-Known Member

    20,829 Messages
    18,092 Likes Received
    My dream is the OC gets the Fat HC fired and takes his place.
    For the lolz!

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  2. mardwin

    mardwin Well-Known Member

    5,075 Messages
    7,363 Likes Received
    No! Give Mike a better QB.
  3. lsg13

    lsg13 Active Member

    207 Messages
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    yes he is Garrett 2.0 and his bag of tricks has been exposed...
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  4. TheHerd

    TheHerd Well-Known Member

    11,290 Messages
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    I'm not sold on Quinn at all. I get we improved the D from last year, but figuring out how to use perhaps the most talented defensive player in the league doesn't impresse as much as everyone else.

    The D let up big plays all year. Constantly. Most in the league by a lot. The D was not the reason for the loss today, but they weren't great in the first half.

    I want an aggressive head coach who knows how to manage the game and the clock. Knows when to take chances and when you not take chances. And I want co-ordinators who are co-ordinators and not place holders looking for their next job. That part is tough, but I hate this having these guys distracted by head coaching opportunities.
  5. Idgit

    Idgit Fattening up Moderator

    CowboysZone ULTIMATE Fan
    58,934 Messages
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    You’re saying Moore set him up? I buy it.
  6. ChuckA1

    ChuckA1 Well-Known Member

    CowboysZone ULTIMATE Fan
    2,983 Messages
    4,961 Likes Received
    Does anyone really think firing McCarthy will make Dak or the offense any better? If you're firing anyone, start with the offense
  7. cheftjpeck

    cheftjpeck Well-Known Member

    1,275 Messages
    1,271 Likes Received
    Then who ?
    We fire MM and who is head coach ?
  8. cowboybish

    cowboybish Well-Known Member

    438 Messages
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    No but either we have dumb players who continue to get penalties or a coach who has not been able to correct this problem which continues.
  9. bewp7

    bewp7 Well-Known Member

    1,829 Messages
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    i do not want any body on this coach staff back to be honist

    maybe quinn but i do not want him as head coach
  10. MMObserver

    MMObserver Well-Known Member

    152 Messages
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    LOL McCarthy is no mole, just check Big Mike's playoff coaching performances in GB especially the Pack's unbelievable 2014 NFC Championship loss to the Seahawks ... he sabotaged the Pack in playoff chances plenty of times.

    That 2010 SB win is a long time ago.
  11. atlantacowboy

    atlantacowboy Well-Known Member

    CowboysZone ULTIMATE Fan
    15,139 Messages
    20,634 Likes Received
    The same dumb argument was made to defend Garret.
  12. Darthkuriboh

    Darthkuriboh Well-Known Member

    2,079 Messages
    1,932 Likes Received
    no, but I’m intelligent and realize most of the problems on offense came from Moore
  13. Sheepish

    Sheepish Active Member

    218 Messages
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    Agree with the last statement by a lot. We don't need that kind of toxicity. Remember when Jason Garrett supposedly sabotaged Wade Phillips season to get Phillips fired and himself hired?

    If Kellen Moore just did the same to the offense today, escort him out the door along with the HC.
  14. TequilaCowboy

    TequilaCowboy Well-Known Member

    3,454 Messages
    4,684 Likes Received
    Actually he never should have been hired in the first place. Wrong choice, but Jerry is limited on available puppets, i mean coaches. No respectable head coach will want this job when he knows Jerry and Stephen have their hands in everything.
  15. kevm3

    kevm3 Well-Known Member

    8,332 Messages
    10,824 Likes Received
    After a historic collapse like this, I don't think you can keep McCarthy
  16. nate dizzle

    nate dizzle Well-Known Member

    4,714 Messages
    7,416 Likes Received
    I definitely don't want KM...
  17. IceStar-D7

    IceStar-D7 Well-Known Member

    4,458 Messages
    4,419 Likes Received
    McCarthy presser. Proud of this team. Hail yes I want him GONE!
  18. MikeT22

    MikeT22 Well-Known Member

    1,766 Messages
    1,554 Likes Received
    Jerry is the reason for the last 26 years
  19. MikeT22

    MikeT22 Well-Known Member

    1,766 Messages
    1,554 Likes Received
    I'd start with the front office. Until that changes nothing else will.
  20. The Natural

    The Natural Well-Known Member

    13,182 Messages
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    Jerruh isnt the reason they had 14 penalties today. Nor is he the reason Dak didnt show up against a good team the entire second half of the season.
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