Does this count for Dak?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jblaze2004, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. Gangsta Spanksta

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    I'm not going to blame Dak any this week, but if Atlanta would have jumped on the onside kick like they were supposed to, then Dak would've gotten blame along with the rest of the cowboys for losing the game. I'm a realist, not an apologist. Atlanta bailed out Dak, Zeke, The offensive line, the defense, the whole team from being blamed. You can pretend otherwise.
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  2. hornitosmonster

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    No, the haters won't give him credit
  3. Oh_Canada

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    The hate is quiet.
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  4. 88sAndHeartbreak

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    99% of converted onside kicks are brainfarts/luck. Give Dak credit.
  5. mahoneybill

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    same impression. Someone is in the Atlanta doghouse tonight
  6. cowboyblue22

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  7. AmariChill

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    Hol’ up. Even though I’m tough on Dak sometimes, I find it funny that every Dak hater has said “he has to find a way to win these games where the defense doesn’t play as well, or when the O-line doesn’t play as well”.

    Dak then proceeds to lead us to a win and the haters now say “it’s a team effort”. Give the guy some credit for once lol.
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  8. jblaze2004

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    Right all QB's have dropped picks. Heck how many picks did we drop today. Dak could of mailed it in after the 4 fumbles by our offense and then being down by what 20 at half time. Instead he kept fights. Got smashed with a dirty hit (the DE launched at his head area after the pass). Missed a play and then came back to get the touch down.

    This game might be up their with the Romo bills 5 int game. And Dak only had 1 turnover.
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  9. Wolf2k5

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    they didn’t though.
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  10. Aviano90

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    Credit others for success and place blame for failure. Use this strategy and you can hate on any player or coach.

    You can reverse the strategy and have the opposite effect.
  11. zerofill

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    From what I saw... missed first 3 quarters, just now looking back at it... Looked like he had a very good game.
    There are a lot of games left... let us see what happens...

    Gallup looked like Dez on that catch... I loved that.
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  12. jblaze2004

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    Bro. This is funny. I think people just talk because they have lips. Dak Played GREAT today. Put the team on his back even after the dirty blow to the head.
    Dak > Wentz.

    BTW the beloved Wentz threw 2 int's again. Second week in a row.
  13. blueblood70

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    yes Kudos for Dak But Coper, shultz and zeke and well heck Lamb brown all of them stepped up after being the real reason we were down 20 , they made amends the last 3 Qtrs
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  14. Cydios

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    this was mostly all Dak. Granted the first fumble was not his best moment, but not every qb can make this kinda comeback.
  15. zenmastersauce

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    He's tough af. Not falling apart at all. That said, after his major ridiculous blunder, he came back strong. Much respect to him.
  16. TexasHillbilly

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    Correct. Teams win and teams lose. Our team won. Great effort. I thought we were cooked. Go Boys
  17. dogunwo

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    True, but that means you should be rebuking those putting last week's loss on Dak, if you aren't giving him the credit this week. You can't have it both ways
  18. baltcowboy

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    Dak gets all the credit. No offensive tackles. Pathetic defensive showing. Bad play calling. Imagine the anti Dak threads if we lost. I bet before the on side kick recovery the anti Dak trolls were ready to press send. Would love to see what the trolls wrote. Can’t wait to hear the morning talk show trolls tomorrow morning. Cowherd and the gang.
  19. CowboysWillRise

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    Suck it haters
  20. Sevenup3000

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    Bitter. You are a bitter person.
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