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Does this count for Dak?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jblaze2004, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. Blake

    Blake Well-Known Member

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    Willy Beanhead not gonna like that.
  2. CowboysWillRise

    CowboysWillRise Well-Known Member

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    Im being real. If we lost Dak would be torched as per normal, but when we win some still cant give credit. We choked in the beginning, but Atlanta choked in the end. Thats doesnt happen if Dak isn't balling.
  3. JReed1000

    JReed1000 Well-Known Member

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    Well it dam sure wasn’t the Defense
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  4. MrPeanutbutter

    MrPeanutbutter What is this, a crossover episode? Zone Supporter

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    He was incredible after some early hiccups. Pay him.
  5. Silverstar

    Silverstar Well-Known Member

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    Yes and that clapping in the huddle really woke up the offense and then it just started rolling.

    Coincidence...I think not!

  6. Cowboy4ever

    Cowboy4ever Well-Known Member

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    Dak played really well today. Looked better than I have seen him. I hope he can keep it up.
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  7. Rockport

    Rockport AmberBeer Zone Supporter

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    Did you watch the game?:facepalm:
  8. Kwyn

    Kwyn Well-Known Member

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    It is back in its cave, preparing for next week when it will once again be on the attack
  9. Gangsta Spanksta

    Gangsta Spanksta Well-Known Member

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    He deserves credit like the rest of the team does for doing their part for getting us in the position to win. He had a good second half and a horrible first half. I would blame the whole team for today's loss if Atlanta didn't do an Epic Fail. I won't hold today against the team since we won, but I also won't delude myself into thinking we would've won if Atlanta wouldn't have waited for us to touch the ball before falling on it. It was a Leon Lett Fail moment and it takes years before you see something on that magnitude again.
  10. nightrain

    nightrain Since 1971

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    Any time you throw for over a 1/4 mi in a win..it counts.
  11. Jason 82 Witten

    Jason 82 Witten Well-Known Member

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    The Dak haters have already made up their minds, no matter what he does it won’t be enough
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  12. Romotil45

    Romotil45 Well-Known Member

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    The fact that Dak keeps throwing balls right at defenders that get dropped matters. He is still getting fooled by coverage after 4 yrs in the league. It matters,
  13. Kwyn

    Kwyn Well-Known Member

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    He’s being blamed for winning.

    Of course he would have been blamed if we lost.

    Dak is apparantly being blamed for Atlanta failing? Sure does feel like it.

    Some of you guys are in a black hole of hate that even the piercing light of reality can’t penetrate
  14. Hadenough

    Hadenough Well-Known Member

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    My streaming feed went out when Dallas had the ball with 8min left. Didn't see this coming, thought they lost. Dak looked pretty good that game but missed his heroics. I'm gonna say he gets credit for sure.
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  15. Gangsta Spanksta

    Gangsta Spanksta Well-Known Member

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    I respect your opinion. Me myself just see it that Atlanta did something so stupid, that you won't see something of that magnitude for many years. It's on par like when leon lett chased down that ball on that snowy field and touched it when he should've just avoided it and we would've won against the Dolphins all those years ago. By all means we should've lost if something that almost never happens happened. Since it is an event so rare, I think it is more logical just to ignore this game and gather a larger sample size before judging this team, including Dak. He had a horrible first half and a good second half. I'm not going to pretend something unusual caused us to win the game and say woohoo! what a great game he had. That's just not the kind of person I am. I won't do it for Zeke, I wouldn't do it for Romo. Just the way I function.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    But Aikman does this, YAYAYAY!!!
  17. zeke21

    zeke21 Well-Known Member

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    Dak played well.. I like him in the hurry up style offence.. keep that please.. let him feel the game, feed the RBs and then pick the holes.

    Also using his legs to score is good.. and we have been waiting years to get back to that part of his play.. good to see.

    We were a miracle onside kick away from 0-2 though.. need to get a handle of this and quickly. Need more consistency across the game.
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  18. jblaze2004

    jblaze2004 Well-Known Member

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    What. Being down 20 points after 3 lost fumbles in the first quarter. Then being down 19 at halftime. A couple of stupid calls to do fake punts and let ATL get easy points.

    All QB's do that. Turnovers has never really been a big issue with Dak. Matt Ryan had 2 int's dropped right in both hands of the defenders. Tom Brady threw 2 int's last week and 1 this week. So what the next excuse?
  19. jblaze2004

    jblaze2004 Well-Known Member

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    I think MM made some questionable coaching decisions. Starting to wonder about his football IQ like Aaron Rodgers hinted on. I don't think being out for a year clouded his game management skills.
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  20. Gangsta Spanksta

    Gangsta Spanksta Well-Known Member

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    Who is blaming him for the win?

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