Draft position gets worse with every playoff victory


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This has to be a joke. By this logic you are looking for 0-17 every year.


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Gets worse by a lot... 4 to 5 places.
The silver lining of a loss this past Monday night would have been a mid first round pick.

Now we are guaranteed to be picking in the 20s or worse.

If we want a top tier talent in the first round (and not being stupid and picking a running back), picking at 27 to 32 isn't the ticket.
If we do lose to the Niners this Sunday... the good news is at least our draft pick should be in the lower 20s instead of the upper 20s. Which still isn't ideal but elite players coming out of college are much likely to fall to say 22 or 23 as opposed to 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, or 32.
But by losing you get a higher draft position thus theoretically a better player thus improving your team thus you win more thus ultimately hurting your draft position.
You can't win (or lose)