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Face the Facts. Dallas has roster issues

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Chuck 54

    Chuck 54 Well-Known Member

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    2014, we had an offense hitting on all cylinders...run game, OL, Witten, Dez. Our problem was the defense was garbage, pretty much top to bottom. Four years later, we finally started to address the defense, but we all see a defense that still needs a DT, and most want him in round 1. Our LBs are probably the worst part of the defense. Everyone’s LBs get hurt; that’s the nature of the game. Yet we have our star defender in his 30’s, and even if the stars align and Hitchins resigns, Lee stays healthy, and Smith pans out, we still have no depth or future at the position. The secondary is young and talented, but everyone still feels there’s a need for at least 1 safety and another CB. That’s a lot of defensive work to be done, work that doesn’t even suggest we should find another DE.

    The bigger problem is that while we are trying to rebuild the defense, the offense has gone backwards and will continue to regress without a lot of attention.

    As an offense built around it’s OL and run game, we are in DIRE need of a LG and a backup LT (we can call it a swing tackle, but the fact is we need a guy who can step in at LT). We also need another quality RB. We are not the Packers. If Zeke so much as sprains an ankle, how many really want Smith as our RB? He is not the answer for a team that must run the ball. Albert Morris was not the answer because teams played the pass and didn’t care if he got 80-100 yards. At his best in 2018, Dez is not a playmaker, and the depth at WR is garbage. So we need a guard, a tackle, a RB, and a WR, not to mention the TE position unless we think the answer is Rico or Jarwin. The offense, the unit we count on to win games while we try to build a moderately successful defense that can hold a lead, is in pretty bad shape right now even if Dak plays well.

    No way all those issues can be addressed this offseason, so what’s the answer? At 19, Do we need a DT more than we need a starting LG or a playmaking WR that drops in our laps? At 50, do we need a starting LB more than DL or DB, a RB more than a TE or OT?

    It’s hard to say, but the DL and secondary may be the best units with the most depth for an NFL season than any other position. Cooper Rush is our answer at QB if we are on a special run? Smith behind Zeke? The OL is weak with Cooper already, but imagine 1 injury along that line...other than Center, we have nothing.

    I’m sorry folks, but this roster is a mess, and don’t tell me that better coaches can take Rush, Smith, Swaim, Chaz Green, DWilson, Wilber, and TWilliams and just coach em up.
  2. Aviano90

    Aviano90 Go Seahawks!!!

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    8th full year in the "process" and the roster is a mess? If at first you don't succeed, try 7 more times.
  3. Sydla

    Sydla Well-Known Member

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    We are not in dire need of a LG. Cooper is serviceable.

    What we are in need of is competent coaching along the OL and offense.

    It’s amazing that people think the difference between this being a blah OL and an elite one is the LG.

  4. Chuck 54

    Chuck 54 Well-Known Member

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    It’s seven if you’re talking about Garrett, but it’s 3 times that long if you’re talking about the people that build the roster.
  5. cowboyec

    cowboyec Well-Known Member

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    of the 5 starting spots along the OL....LG is the one that needs the up-grade.
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  6. Chuck 54

    Chuck 54 Well-Known Member

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    I’ll respect your opinion, but mine is that Cooper is garbage and unlikely to be resigned. Even before Tyron was injured, the OL struggled because Cooper is wildly inconsistent.
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  7. Chuck 54

    Chuck 54 Well-Known Member

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    They were elite with Leary and Collins behind him. They went backwards by signing a LG bust that had no job and no real suitors, which is why he was signed to a one year deal for 2 million. Watch and see how many teams line up to sign him. You can get by with a guy like him if your offense is pass centered like most, but you can’t have a weak link on the interior if you want to be a run first team.
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  8. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

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    I don’t think the defense is a total mess. We made some strides last year .

    We are a stud DT, maybe another DE, a big playmaking LB and or Safety away from being a top 5 to 10 defense.
  9. Chuck 54

    Chuck 54 Well-Known Member

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    I agree. I named those same positions. The problem is that’s still a lot to address when the offense is sliding backwards at OL, WR, and TE, and have no backup RB.
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  10. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

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    We can’t fix it all in one season. Dak has to develop more in his passing ability to maximize our current recievers. A more effecient QB play might be enough to make a difference.

    We should bring in another TE to develop and a speed receiver but I would spend my top 2 picks on defense . Prob DL and LB.

    I’d consider moving Collins back to LG where he was before getting injury losing his position to Leary. That would give support to Smith over there. And use a mid round pick on an OL..
  11. cowboyec

    cowboyec Well-Known Member

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    and coming off another knee injury.
    I like the guy personally....good guy,worked his butt off to come back from a broken leg.....I like him for depth but not as a starter.
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  12. CowboyRoy

    CowboyRoy Well-Known Member

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    Its a big problem. Jerry is not a good enough GM to put together a complete team. And Garrett isnt good enough to win with lessor talent or when everything goes right with injuries. So where does that leave us?

    And on the Chaz Green, and other player thought......................a real GM and a real coach would know that these types are garbage.
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  13. FuzzyLumpkins

    FuzzyLumpkins The Boognish

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    Cooper is a FA and he played well last year.
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  14. ShiningStar

    ShiningStar Well-Known Member

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    would you say Philly did it in 2?
  15. Bobhaze

    Bobhaze Well-Known Member

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    One of things most of us fans forget is that building a great roster is not just about a acquiring bunch of talented individuals. You have to be able to select talent that fits what you’re trying to do and ensure that all of it works together as a team.

    Talent alone is never enough. So where a FO and coaching come in, is to make sure that the sum of all parts is better than a group of individuals.

    And that is where this FO has consistently struggled. Jerry and the rest of the FO seems to lack the ability to create a clear vision of what kind of team they are building and what players best fit that model. In fairness, the FO has gotten better but they used to be so bad there was only room to improve.

    Great Teams are forged by talent, coaching, sacrifice, unity and the ability to overcome adversity. For whatever reason, the Cowboys have not been able to put all those elements together since Jimmy left.
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  16. Irvin88_4life

    Irvin88_4life Well-Known Member

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    I disagree about Cooper being garbage. The either 4 players are more talented yes but doesn't mean Cooper can't do the job. The thing with the OL is they need to build chemistry, can't do that when you are rotating at LG. Cooper was clearly better then Green but the staff pushed the rotate deal. Cooper didn't play so well with Green at LT I will give you that but he was solid and I think will be fine if he gets all off season and training camp at the position and not rotate.

    All that being said if we took a guy like Hernandez I wouldn't complain but would rather go LB, DT or safety like James in the first. Heck I wouldn't mind a receiver like Sutton
  17. dfense

    dfense Well-Known Member

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    He's right about the guard. Signing Sitton who the Bears are releasing would be a quality upgrade. Those are the type of moves the team needs to make. Who's Albert Morris?
  18. GenoT

    GenoT Well-Known Member

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    Believe it was the old Oklahoma coach, Bud Wilkinson, who once said (approximately):

    “I’m not looking to put my eleven best individual players on the field; rather those players who, when combined, constitute my best eleven.”
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  19. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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    I disagree.

    Swing Tackle
    1-tech DT

    LB depends on Hitchens. If he stays they would have more legit depth there than in many seasons.

    They might have more depth at CB than I can remember and they can manage at Safety. DL looks better than in many years in regards to pass rush.

    LG was good enough if they have a decent LT when Tyron is out.

    Emmitt never had a legit backup. The current backups are probably better than Emmitt had most years.

    TE has several options. Witten would be OK if they had better WRs.

    A 1-tech DT is easier to find than many other positions like pass rusher or CB.

    Finding a backup 4-3 LB is also easier than many positions like pass rusher, CB, OT etc.

    That leaves us at WR and Swing Tackle as the big challenges.

    Good OTs will want to go where they can push for a starting job which is not with the Cowboys. The draft might be the best way but free agency comes first which means then might need to overpay to get a free agent.

    Finally we down to WR. This position is a disaster. Dez is toast. He might have some good plays but will more bad plays than good.

    TWill would be a decent 3rd WR but is a #2 here. He might be OK as a #2 if they had a legit #1 WR.

    Beasley is a niche player. Switzer is likely similar.

    No idea about Brown at this point but he is not a speed guy and they really lack speed on offense.

    Summary: Find a #1 WR, trade for Parnell to play RT and move Collins to LG until Tyron is injured then Parnell and Collins are the OTs.
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  20. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Moderator

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    Things aren't that bad. The Cowboys need a S but not CB. Dire need at OG? No. What's wrong with Morris and Smith as Zeke's backup? That "garbage" at WR are the same players that went 13-3 two seasons ago. Rico and Jarwin will get serious looks because the coaches like them. The offense that's "in pretty bad shape now" is basically the same offense that was top 5 just 2 years ago.

    Take a deep breath.
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