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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stasheroo, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. lane

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    A thousand likes to you sir...been watching since 75 when i was 8..we've been through it all .51 now and realize that it's not good to get worked up about anything anymore..Cowboys ..job situation ..financial situations..etc.

    it's just not worth it..but every damn Sunday i still feel it...just a little milder than when i was in my teens through thirty years..

    Having said that..when they overturned the Dez catch ...i felt my blood pressure probably shoot the roof.

    The thing that gets me worked up to this day is the biased officiating
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  2. tyke1doe

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    Feel good: about our defense
    Feel worried: about Dak's inconsistency and ability to keep up with the Rams if it's a shoot out.
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  3. Richmond Cowboy

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    I feel good about the fact we’re not playing Aaron Rodgers. Who knows how Goff will respond in the playoffs. So far he’s 0-1 in his career.
  4. Captain43Crash

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    Are you being serious or sarcastic about Jarwin? Did he practice this week?
  5. Captain43Crash

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    Great point. No Rogers. We have already beat Wilson, who has been outstanding in the Playoffs
  6. stiletto

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    Feel worried about this team playing on the road and being over-confident.

    Feel good being on a roll at the right time.

    "May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't." - George S. Patton
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  7. ShiningStar

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    Feel Good about Maher

    Worried about Maher.
  8. Daktozekecoop

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    Only concern is that they are on point from the very start and for 60 minutes. That they are prepared and all the way in the moment. Because if the Cowboys play their best, they will win. They are much the better team.
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  9. Tabascocat

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    I am not worried at all but it doesn't mean we win. As long as Dallas does not come out slow and the Rams build a 10pt lead or so early, Dallas will be sitting pretty. Keep it a +/- 7pt game at halftime should be the goal. I don't expect Dallas to jump out on fire and go up by two TD's, that is not their style.
  10. IceBowler

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    Not concerned about anything the Rams will do. I am concerned for 2 things however:

    1. We are thin at WR and have a couple playing hurt
    2. Which Dallas team gets off the bus? The one that whipped the Seahags & Saints or, the one that laid down for Indy?
  11. IceBowler

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    "High-scoring, new and exciting" cannot hurt you if they spend the bulk of the game on the sideline. Now, can we do that? We've done it before ... so, there's that.
  12. IceBowler

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  13. CowboyStar88

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    I’m worried about the rain and our passing game. I’m worried about Cole and Jarwin playing it better yet not playing. I’m worried about Williams/Donald matchup.

    Not worried about Zeke or the defense.
  14. cowboyec

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    I feel good about how our defense matches up to this challenge.

    I feel good about Dak and Zeke...I think Zeke might have a monster play or 2 in our pass game...something no one is talking about.
    Dak seems to rise to the level of his competitor...#4 is gonna have a BIG night.

    I'm worried about our coverage units on returns...kick and punt...we haven't been sound in this area and seem to flirt with giving up big returns.We can't give the rams good field position.

    I'm worried about dumb penalties.....Im not talking B.S. type calls...I expect those.
    Im talkin about dumb,self-inflicted wounds.We didnt have a lot vs seattle...we need to continue that moving forward.
  15. cowboyec

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    all week Ive just known we will win this game.
    very much like the feeling I had leading upto the saints game.
    I don't believe Im over confident...I expect this to be a tough,down to the wire game.
    Since the trade for Amari...the season felt like a re-set and that we were going to do something no one expects.
    :starspin:THEY WILL NEVER SEE IT COMING:starspin:
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  16. Little Jr

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    Feel good but I'm always worried lol.

    My 2 worries are, 1. DBs, they just haven't seem to be the same since the 4th qt of the eagles game, specifically Jones. 2. Our OL, I'm not to worried about the run game but the pass protection I'm a little concerned about.

    My expectations can change through out the year. Before the season it was 11-5, win the east and have a good chance of making it to the nfc championship game. Half way through the season that changed. Lol But now we actually have that chance. I won't be happy and I won't consider it a successful season if we lose but I won't be as upset as I usually am after a play-off loss or win and in game that we lose. But if we do win then everything else for me is gravy and I'd consider that a successful season.
  17. Jstopper

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    We laid an egg in 1 out of 17 games. Why would that even be a concern of yours with such a low probability?
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  18. windjc

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    I feel good. Which, like some of you, makes me worried.

    I also worry that we will lose the turnover battle, which I think we must win. It starts with protecting the ball, controlling the ball, 3rd down conversion and TDs in the red zone. The one I'm most worried about is turnovers. Not sure why, but thats my gut feeling.
  19. IceBowler

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    Cause it's a contest between men ... young men at that and we are all err to all kinds of inexplicable occurrences. If we come to play, it'll be close. Otherwise, it will be ugly.

    And, too be honest with you - the officiating worries me in today's new Kinder, Gentler NFL. I don't know what constitutes pass interference or holding anymore - I know the refs don't. Just would hate to see this thing come down to a flag that's either thrown or not thrown. Most drives today are either stalled or extended due to capricious flags and, that's unfortunate.
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  20. sureletsrace

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    My brain tells me we will win.

    My heart tells me we will lose.

    I don't have a lack of faith in this team, I'm just too used to losing in the divisional round. That's all I've ever known.

    I don't know what it feels like to play in the NFCCG, much less the SB.

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