News: Fish: Dak & Deshaun - A Cowboys lesson to be learned

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Jan 28, 2021.

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    There are problems are all over the organization, starting right in the owner’s office. We the fans, are looking at a long, hard road ahead with or without Dak!
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    definitely maybe
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    I half expected Fish to swig a Natty Light out of a paper bag.

    I dint agree with him much but I do agree that for all the hand wringing the Cowboys gave him legit offers that Daks agent turned down.
  5. HanD

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    People wanna talk about our ownership all the time. The jones boys make mistakes but there are numerous worse decision makers in the league.
  6. lkelly

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    Fish was channeling his inner Tommy Boy.
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  7. fivetwos

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    I don't know how much longer he thinks he can get away with this if things don't get any better.
  8. JustChip

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    Ok, inquiring minds want to know - between Dak and Jerry, which is the male plug and which is the female receptacle?
  9. rags747

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    Watson has major problems, thinks that someone who owns a Billion dollar business has to listen to his viewpoint, funny stuff! Watson cannot even shine Daks shoes, Go get your shine box Deshawn...
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  10. bewp7

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    yeah true but all most all of them have accountibility and could lose their job for their bad decisons. cowboys fans are stuck with jerry and stephen forever.
  11. Jipper

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    go watch the human centipede movie....that’s what I was envisioning
  12. blueblood70

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    no lesson learned the Texans owner needs to know this would set a precedent all that bonus and guaranteed money you just handed this crybaby, you cant eat that and allow him to walk no matter the deal you can get..thats the lesson show the players you wont stand foir it..period he has contract..

    this has zero to do with dak its message to dak dont sign a deal if you wont be happy 12months later..its lesson to players not to Dallas not to other teams..

    F all that noise, owner whoukls just say way im eating that, make him pay back the bonus if he wants out , i mean why should the owner eat that money because players unhappy, he signed the deal 12months ago or less..


    These NFL kids wouldn't like it if i was the owner, sports period need owners with backbone..

    I would tell these kids to honor their phreaking contracts or sit an get massive fines ie 100k per any team mandatory function missed, every meeting, practice, requested press conference, or even a uniform fitting..

    im sick of looking around sports and seeing the blackmailing going on and players with huge deals and promises made getting traded to wherever they want..

    no way F all that signed a 37mil+ del you play or sit and lose money..a chit ton of money and no taking it back like jones has done with fines , i would have fined EE 1mil for his latest holdout and no refunds once he was signed or came back..

    weak azz owners are ruining sports..

    someone be the first to say NO, show these kids dont sign long term let the process work and get out..once the FT you demand an out not after you get handed 40plus mil and last less then a fiscal fn way ..

    do like Dak or cousins make them keep you year to year and demand an out without new deal..punks get their ay far too often..
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  13. HanD

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    In some cases. Other cases like houston and washington it is actually ownership that has and is the issue. We love to pity party around here but we aren't alone and we aren't in the worst boat. Granted there are many other pretty boats around but I wouldn't trade ours...
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  14. HanD

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    Normally I'm with you. Jerry should have held strong with Zeke. But mcnair had no reason to tell watson he'd include him and then didn't. If he had told watson from the beginning this was his decision, I'm on board. But once you tell him you'll get his input and then you hire someone without even asking him, that's on you imo.
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  15. America's Cowboy

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    One of my all-time favorite movies!
  16. DallasDomination

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    I wouldn’t even be able to support a team like the Texans... how can you have a qb like that and mess it up. When non of the players support your franchise including your best players like JJ watt and Johnson; as a fan you have to find another team. You can’t support trash like that... hell no.
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    FVSTONE Well-Known Member

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    What an understatement.............
  18. D_Boyz

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    Same can be said for the dallas since Jerry took over. Im dead serious, take the fan goggles off and tell me what keeps us here brother?
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  19. Furboy

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    Yup, pretty much. Jerry's not even the worst NFL owner in Texas. That title belongs to Houston. However, Jerry does have us in a big pickle. Had he addressed and properly drafted the defencive players that we needed like TJ Watt and Thornhill, it would've been a nobrainer to sign Dak. Now, it's even harder given our issues on defence. If we are going to sign Dak, we are going to need to get on with it and sort it out sooner than later before the other QBs set to get extensions get theirs. IF we wait too long, it's only going to get more expensive. The plus side of this is that we'd be able to draft all defence this draft which our defence desperately needs. The downside is that there may be a bit less cap space to go around (which is fine IMO given that the draft is the best way to fix a team). IF we don't resign Dak, then sure, we get more cap space to use. However, it means we must draft a QB sooner than we probably would like to which removes critical resources that need to be used on defence. Also comes the major risk that the QB may be no where near the leader that Dak is nor in any way an improvement over Dak at all. Given Jerry's QB preferences such as Lynch, Manziel, and Cook, I'd say that's a larger concern than not. Thus meaning we have to use future resources on yet another QB which may force us to remove resources from an area that we may need desperately then.
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  20. BHendri5

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    Watson is not all that anyway. So he won a National championship big freaking deal, a sorry Cam Newton won one too. They are not real QBs in the NFL, they are great athletes playing the QB position.
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