Flushing and changing anti freeze


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That is why I am worried about messing with the tranny fluid....heard it can do more harm than good if it's still ok. The chevy dealership is gonna do what they want, and I'm not well versed enough to tell them how to do it.

Drain transmission pan is fine. It's the flushing that could get "debris" elsewhere when it's cycled out.


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I have a garage kept 2006 Chevy Silverado…29,850 actual miles…original anti freeze that still looks good and cools the inside of vehicle like a meat locker…does it need to be flushed and changed “just because” ??? The guy at the dealership told me about 5-6 years ago that it was safe to wait until 40,000 but I’m thinking he didn’t realize how long that would take me to reach that plateau given I only take it out a few times a month…please advise. I hate having people climbing around in my baby is the reason I just haven’t went ahead and had it done…had my oil changed two (2) years ago and the guy down in the pit came up top and started the truck up…made a total disaster inside with his oily and dirty fingers and pants…took me hours to clean and remove stains
Your car is pushing 20 and has sat for most of its life. The worst thing for a car is to let it sit and let the fluids degrade. I’d switch to a time based schedule. You probably want to change all of your fluids at this point.