Former little known NFL player allegedly said Dalton is better passer than Dak (no source)

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by 3rdEyewarrior, Oct 13, 2020.

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    Lol,,,Well I think he's at 81 or 82% now.
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    Yes a real apples to apples comparision.
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    if the two were competing in that little Precision Passing Skills Showdown they do at the Pro Bowl, I suspect Dalton would win. As we all should know, we can't judge players in a silo, there's many more variable than hitting a bullseye target. I will say Dalton is a high quality backup and nice to have him for this very reason
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    yeah you might have a few dollars and could buy a couple Happy Meals at McDonald’s.

    You do realize Dak is more accurate than Dalton based on actual empirical data right?






    Large sample size too..
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    I do statistically they are close.

    Dak and his misfires are just more apparent becuz we see his.

    Have not seen enough of Dalton but that's coming.

    Like the rest of us..

    we watch..

    we post..

    we agree to agree or no.

    we post.

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    We'll all have more data on Monday. AD will even be more prepared than last game. The question still is...... What will fix this porous defense?.

    We all agree that's the biggest issue on this team.
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    Somehow the DC and players need to discuss the pros and cons and make adjustments.

    Maybe it's being simpler and being dumbed down to avoid having to think so much.

    Defense is really reacting to things.

    Lately we are really being crushed with trick plays that catch us with the wrong personnel out there.

    Special teams needs some help too with that aspect. I think for now CeeDee should not return punts so as to keep him healthy for the offense.

    And Pollard may need to be swopped out for somebody else. He is making too many mistakes that have come close to costing games.

    We see this stuff and surely the coaches do.
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    Underthrown Catch that Gallup somehow came down with and cleaned up a pick.. **** with that
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    Like I said, best not watch anymore games this year since you're obviously in love with a player and not the team. Dalton could go Super Bowl on us and some folks here would be butt hurt it wasn't Dak. It's a team sport. Ignore is my friend.
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    Dak is really not that mobile. His pocket presence and footwork is utter garbage. He’s incredibly hard and strong to bring down though.
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    Again, the stats that are used especially in this era, with all these armchair Twitter analysts that never played a sport, are completely over-hyped. Both Marino and Elway were career upper 50% completion percentage, while Aikman was 62%. We’ve seen rules and rules progressively get laxer to intentionally boost offensive rating for viewership and in the process, they’ve almost destroyed the sport or hide mediocrity in these numbers.

    Completion percentage completely obfuscates the reality of Dak. It isn’t about what numbers Dak puts on the field for his critics, it’s actually what he LEAVES OFF THE FIELD.

    Dak can obviously throw the ball as a one-read QB, but he’s completely incompetent against zones and where he needs to anticipate and go through progressions. These stats show that Dak very rarely takes risks when he needs to go through his reads or find WRs in soft zones, particularly down the field. He just plays it safe, which boosts completion percentage but nothing else, meaning empty yardage. This is also evident this year as well as last, in his red-zone production and outside of garbage time, when scores are within 7 in the fourth quarter, meaning a TD. Dak’s accuracy goes way up, playing from WAY behind and he’s just slinging it on his first read and taking the underneath. His decision-making which is completely slow, coupled with his slow release, becomes accelerated. But when defenses go back to playing tighter, after slacking, Dak is going back to 4.6 YP catch, 61%, no more “deep ball” Dak with 1 pass over 20 yards, 0 TDs and 1 INT. And the real kicker is his 1 down percentage, which drops to a whopping 27.8%, meaning he can’t even sustain drives.

    Oh yeah, he’s also pretty garbage when he’s playing on grass as well, meaning his numbers are often a product of the type of WRs he had running on turf.
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    Dak is a PAPER tiger, period. If he didn’t see 8-in-the-box all the time, who knows how bad it would be.

    And just because you have an great WR in a guy like Green or CJ, doesn’t mean you are going to win. Advantages in the run game are what create meaningful opportunities for outstanding WRs to excel. Otherwise, good defenses have no problems shifting safety help over the top, for example, using a team effort to completely eliminate a particular thread.

    The reality is, if we were going by stats, Dalton set plenty of Bengals records that Dak couldn’t fathom on that Bengals team. Their rushing attack was averaging less than 4 YPC and they had a bunch of no names running the ball when Dalton was pushing the 6th ranked scoring attack.

    If anything, Dalton brings excitement because he has a legitimate RG and beast who is also one of the great pass blocking backs.
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    Apparently this little known player has the IQ of your average Dak hater.

    70 - 85
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    Red Pop Gun

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