News: Gallimore Striving For Dominance In Year 2

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hardline, Jun 16, 2021.

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    Gallimore looked pretty good during the 2nd half of last season. Here's to him making an even bigger improvement in year 2!

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    Just as the Cowboys built their offensive line with 1st round draft picks, Washington built their defensive line with 1st round picks four years in a row, from 2017-2020. This year, they drafted a LB in the first round.

    The Cowboys team of the late 70's featured a D-line with 3 top 5 overall picks and then Harvey Martin.

    The 90's Cowboys starting D-line was composed of two DT's that were drafted #1 and #2 overall, Russel Maryland, and Tony Cassilas.

    The defending SB champion Bucs have a DE drafted #2 overall and another DE a mid round 1st.

    You have to invest premium picks and cap space to build a defensive line and the Cowboys have tried to an extent. The Cowboys have drafted a D-linemen in the top 3 rounds in 7 of the last 8 drafts. However, when you go below the top ten overall, that requires an excellent ability for scouts and coaches to collaborate and come up with the right player based on perceived talent and need.

    This is where the Cowboys fall short. I think they are great at evaluating college talent but fall short on how that player fits into their system. It certainly doesn't help if they change systems every year. They have done a very poor job in veteran free agency when it comes to the D-line with the exception of Quinn and they failed to find a way to keep him for more than 1 season.

    Not including this year's draft, the Cowboys have Lawrence and Gregory, both #2 picks that were projected as 1st were it not for some "baggage". They have Hill and Gallimore at DT, a #2 and #3 respectively.

    This season, the Cowboys drafted two D-linemen in the 3rd round. They may not have invested a series of #1 draft picks, but they obviously respected the squad enough to do the second best thing.

    I don't expect the line to be dominant but I do think they will be more consistent based on their ability to stay healthy. The important thing is that the improvement on defense won't come from the rookies as far as the D-line is concerned. It will come from players that you expect the most, those in their second and third years. For all practical purposes, you can throw Gregory in with that group.

    Gallimore and Hill are key. If they can both show a significant level of improvement it will go a very long way to insuring the Cowboys have a successful season.
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    3-techs don't have to be that big. One of the best in the game, Aaron Donald, weighs 285. Size matters more at 1-tech. Quickness matters more at 3-tech.
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    Jimmie Jones a third round pick was better than Casillas and Maryland IMO. Neither of those two were worthy of being drafted that high.
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    The exception proves the rule.

    Aaron Donalds don't grow on trees.
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    Neville Gallimore's best qualities are his strength and quickness.

    Those two things make 3-techs valuable players at that position.

    I believe it's quite probable that Gallimore is a player on the rise.
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    Tomlinson was about the only real add at DT for the league this FA period, so not sure there was another approach other than some major trade.
    Poe and McCoys should prove that its risky business dealing with FA DTs.
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    I strive for dominance every day.
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    I know that is what they "say" he weighs but i don't believe it for a minute. That dude is thick.
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    Leon Lett

    Leroi Glover
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    All true, but it still provided him some playing time and experience to build from. Much to early to associate him with the word "dominance" though, even if just referring to potential.
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    Really hope Gallimore can take that next step.
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    Wade Phillips with the Rams implemented his 3-4 on base downs with Aaron Donald (6-1, 280 when drafted). Donald then moved to 3tech on passing downs.

    By moving Donald towards to outside in base, it made it less of a beating for him to play the run. It is more difficult to double team a 5tech DE than a DT.

    Quinn will run a scheme that is similar to a 3-4 on base downs. Even if 4 DL have their hand down the alignments & responsibilities will be similar to some 3-4 schemes.

    Back in the day D.Ware could have played hand down in base. A wide-9 type of DE alignment would have been basically the same as his 3-4 WOLB alignment.

    Odig can be an important player for the team even if he is never a full time starter. Back in the Jimmy Johnson years the Cowboys rotational DL were very talented and would come in fresh and rested to wear down opponent blockers. For example DL Jimmie Jones was a big part of those Super Bowl seasons despite not being a full time starter.
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    Maybe he should strive to be a very good starter first.

    I mean, I like the player as much as anyone, but come on. "Dominance?"
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    Considering he was a Rookie making some really good plays, it gives me hope that we mad a decent choice with him. If he continues to grow, I could see him a very solid dt for us. That bodes well for him, and us.
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    I wouldn't say dominance either, but the potential seems to be there for him to at least be "disruptive".
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    Better than all the Lady Guinevere's we had last season.
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    We haven't seen a lot of dts making plays at the line, even better, behind the line of scrimmage. I was pretty hyped up to see that kind of action from a rookie last year.
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    Speaking of Hill, has there been any news on his injury status and recovery and rehab. We heard about most others, but I have not seen anything about Hill.
    He was playing decent until his injury. Though many on here do not want to admit that. :laugh:
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