Gregory may be suspended again

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MarionBarberThe4th, Dec 26, 2016.

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    Liquor store guy
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    And millions of dollars
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    I know he hasnt gotten many reps but has Gregory really even been that special?
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    Gregory put forth a yeoman's effort vs Detroit. I'm hoping his presence continues as the playoffs approach but if not, we're still generously blessed with the other alternatives in house. Dallas offered up a mirage in the first half, only to shut the door completely in the second. That was definitely an impressive halftime adjustment by Marinelli & Company.

    The extent of our defensive progress this year has been nothing short of amazing. Prospects for the ongoing progress of our defense is looking extremely bright these days. The 2017 draft might quite possibly put the cherry atop the cake for them. Arrows are obviously pointing up for this team in so many respects. The football gods have really flipped the switch of success on for the Cowboys this year.
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    We flashed the Big D weapon, the 3-2-6... this alignment throws defenses off, only because they haven't seen it often, or game planned for it. Hard to adjust with seconds at the snap for OL, to handle a hybrid look.

    Would have preferred keeping that look at a little more subdued showing, heading into the playoffs, would have been more valuable.

    Strong running teams can beat that, but it worked very well tonight in a meaningless game.
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    Agreed, additionally, some of the innovations that were evident in this game were quite encouraging for the prospects of more to come as we are heading toward the playoffs. That pass from Dez to Witten was a nice touch in that respect, imho. This team is expanding its repertoire in more ways than one, for certain, on both sides of the ball. It's a much-welcomed omen as we press ahead. Marinelli and Linehan are both working some magic.
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    Love this teams ability to make adjustment, be innovative, that alone has been the basis for this teams evolution.
    The offensive adjustments are deserving of a thread of its own..
    I will just comment within the established context here...

    Going forward, against the Giants if we see them at some point, this will be a nice look to utilize, and confuse a team with a subpar OL and running game.

    It was highly effective tonight against a team with a very good OL and subpar running game.

    I can see the 3-2-6 being used effectively against the Giants, Packer, Skins, and Seattle, but Atlanta needs to be handled with a healthy front 4.
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    Just think what we can do with it when Mo is healthy... Clog and cover is a beautiful thing on 3rd and long, and now that a pass rush is emerging, we are seeing more turnovers.
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    All you need to know about how screwed up the NFL is in discipline matters..... Just look at the Josh Brown situation.
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    It'll be the week after the wild card games.
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    How the @#^& does the league let us waive a player assuming he can play and then say he can't. This screams of bias and frankly JJ has the clout in the league to pull some strings and shut this down.
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    In what PE?

    Flipping burgers is actually setting the bar too high. Social Security disability, government housing subsidies and food stamp fraud sound more like it.
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    IMO, he had literally 2 good plays or at least 2 that stood out. Many more negative plays in the run game or plays where he rushed so wide, since he lacks other moves, that he made himself a non factor on the play
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    I don't care and the team is good without him. Mayowa and Irving are bringing it big-time. I just don't care what happens with him.
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    he was passing around a joint in the huddle
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    Just saw the Jerry Jones comments on this. This is what leaps out at me:

    “I just don’t know,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “We haven’t known the situation. But we’ll just see. … Relative to these issues with the league eligibility, suspensions, all of that kind of thing, you can easily not know. By their very nature, they’re very confidential.”

    The NFL now has a system in which a team's owner, GM and coaches are kept completely in the dark about whether or not a player is about to be suspended or not.
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    I think they are better without him, he didnt look very good to me last nite.
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    Meaningless games provide an opportunity to beta test some things.
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