Has anyone ever drank Absinthe?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Hardline, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. Sarek

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    If it made me wanna pulque/puke i'd probably stop drinking after a sip or two. :lmao:
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  2. Tabascocat

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    Yea, tastes like Sambuca :thumbup:
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  3. Corso

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  4. Nightman

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  5. CouchCoach

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    Yep, had some at the Old Absinthe Bar on Bourbon, a fine drinking establishment. Named after that when it was legal and not considered a drug, also Coke was served with cocaine in it at that time.

    It was explained to me that the new legal stuff is not close to what the other was, more opiate than alcohol. I wasn't impressed, felt mislead about that like if I crossed my eyes, they'd stay that way. We shot it and waited and nothing special happened until later, that's when it hit. And I am certain that the mixture and amount of drinks consumed after that had nothing to do with it. And...….my eyes went crossed, so there may be something to that.
  6. rynochop

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    I had some a few years ago that was supposedly the real stuff from Britain at a pool party, I was pretty tipsy already, and I was tripping somewhat. I swore my friends neighbor next door was watching us through an upstairs window, I was telling my friends wife, someone is up there..she said no, there isn't, just come sit down.lol
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  7. DeathMonkey

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    Then I know that I'd despise it. Black licorice is beyond nasty.
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  8. Idgit

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    I’ve had it. I know someone who distilled their own back in the day. Much stronger than the kind you get retail. It felt basically like a THC high, with the anise flavoring. Hypothetically, of course. Fun to try in a controlled setting.
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  9. DFWJC

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    It's fine.
    But you need to dilute it--preferably with cold water over sugar.
    Please don't drink it straight:omg:
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  10. SlammedZero

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    Yup, I have. A friend "smuggled" it back with them from a trip to Europe. Like others have stated, it did taste like black licorice (yuck, another reason I cannot stand Jagermeister). I was young, so, of course I was hoping for some crazy trippy experience. Got really nothing out of it. lol
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  11. Corso

    Corso Offseason mode... sleepy time

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    As a card carrying drug enjoyer, that crap never gave me a trip. Only a tipsy.
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  12. darthseinfeld

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    Never tried the legit stuff. Real Absinthe you should getting more of a high or hallucinogenic than an alcoholic buzz. We tried to track some down in the various countries we visited in Asia on deployments but could only find your store bought US versions, which is basically just high grade liquor. From what Ive heard from people that have done both, American Absinthe and real Absinthe are incomparable
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  13. Idgit

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    We went looking for it in Amsterdam once. I can’t remember the details but the active ingredient in the wormwood was measured in parts per million, iirc. The only stuff we could find was about a tenth of the strength it was supposed to be.

    That’s what basically prompted the person I was traveling with to distill their own. I can’t recall how strong it ended up being, but it had its effect. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    Sure, lots of times. Absinthe gets a bad rap because it was banned at one time because of alleged hallucinations. It's actually just a really high alcohol content , usually between 110 and 144 proof. If you're use to drinking 80 proof alcohol and you down a few shots of this, then yeah you might hallucinate. The licorice taste is from the anise that it's distilled from. They've toned down absinthe over the years and reduced the amount of wormwood which can be toxic in large amounts. Drink it, just go easy on it.
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  15. ColoCowboy

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    Ironically, I think that is the point of absinthe... JK

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  16. daschoo

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    Had it once, I'd been in Spain for the football and brought a half bottle back to take to a rock festival at Donnington the next week. After the last band finished back at the campsite I remember my mates declining any so deciding to drink it myself. Next thing I remember is waking up in the medical tent.
  17. Rockport

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  18. MichaelWinicki

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    Don't know how many use to listen to the "Don & Mike" radio show...

    But many years ago, their "Newsman" Buzz, slowly consumed the stuff over the course of their radio show that must have lasted 3 hours... He was a mess at the end of the show. lol

    God I miss "Don & Mike".
  19. Skullmiester

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    I've had it a few times at a place in Antibes in the South of France. Quirky place which is a shop upstairs and a bar downstairs. It was unusual how it was prepared, the absinthe was in a glass and above it on a stand was a sugar cube, above that was a small jar with a tap which water dripped out of and onto the sugar cube then into the absinthe.

    I will try and find some photos to upload as it's a easier to see it than describe it. This place had a huge selection of different types of absinthe.
  20. JoeKing

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    Back when I was in the military, I was assigned to the Azores for a time. We called it "the rock". Day 1 on the rock we were given several briefings about stuff we needed to know about. I remember one of the briefings being from the Food and Drug Administration to warn us about things available there that are banned in the US. One of the things they warned us about was Absinth. It's been over 25 yrs since then so I don't remember exactly what they said but the gist of it was don't partake if you come across it. If offered some, just say no. Forward 6 months, I was at a drinking establishment with some friends I had made there, some local, some military like me. One of the locals at our table was ordering drinks in Portuguese and I overheard him say "Absinto". Out of curiosity, I asked what that was and he just smiled and offered me a shot. Just before I threw it down the Portuguese girl I was with stopped me and said, "it's Absinth and you won't like it". So I gave it to someone else. I never did drink any but I remember the smell. Years later, I was in a Greek pub in Wurzburg, Germany with friends and the owner brought us each a shot of clear Ouzo to drink after our meal. As soon as I smelled it, I remembered the Absinth that I smelled several years before in the Azores, so I inquired if it was anything related to Absinth. One of the guys I was with said it's an anise liquor which explains the licorice smell. So I did drink it and it was okay. Like a liquid after dinner mint.

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