Has anyone ever seen a guy play so poorly and keep his job as Connor Williams?


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He’s so garbage.

“huge gain by the Cowboys, but there’s a flag in the backfield”

Me: “holding on Connor ******* Williams sorry ***“

Ref: “Holding! Offense … number 52, repeat first down“



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Not only is he struggling but the refs are clearly looking at him more closely for penalties. Nate Newton made a good point a couple weeks ago saying that Connor needs to put about a 3-4 game stretch together of clean football to get off of the ref's radar. Apparently the refs watch the previous month or so of games to get a feel for each team's personnel, tendencies and such prior to officiating their game. Until Connor is able to clean things up over a stretch of games, he's going to be in the refs crosshairs.


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Just because a team dominates, does not mean there are areas the team needs to work on.

Smart teams look at their weaknesses and try to fix them regardless how much they win by.

just because a fan base believes what their eyes tell them and finds few sheep to get on board with narrative doesn't make it true.


ok keyboard gm....you are not payer evaluator you are fan , CW played 72 snaps last night and 2 of those penalties were questionable at best but his other what 69 snaps he was part of the big win..

the coaching STAFFS that plural the 4 OL Coaches all have put Cwill as a starter.

there's a reason he better then fans give him credit for lie old doug free and others..your opinions only matter to the 15 people that agree with you but as a NFL Professional staff they obviously dont agree..

CW is not an all pro hes not future HOF but as also not jag hes a starting oL and many are just guys , we cant have 5 Pro bowlers up there, players like Steele, biadsz, and Cwill compliment smith, martin and Collins..we are spoiled with all the great OL we have had here and believe every player needs to look like them..sorry that noit the case..you build a starting team which can consist of handful of stars or super stars but haver to have 40 others that fill necessary roles and CW is obviously filling his adequality enough that since hes been here no matter who the coaches are he keeps winning that position..

has to be good reason as they truly watch film, know the paly calls and reasonability's and who messed up plays and also see him in practice and also see his possible replacement, they obviously feel Conner is the best LG option on this team right now..

you all opinions are hollow and have no bite and really no real validity in the real NFL world..

hope you all feel better bashings players and trying hard to be internet gms , you are not....

sure he has flaws, hes not perfect but he the starter for good reason..get over it, most likely he gets big raise and another job somewhere else so you all will finally get your wish next season..


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Williams isn't that bad. He's an average NFL offensive lineman. Have the penalties been a little out of control recently? Definitely. Getting that many penalties as a left guard is not sustainable long term for a starter. I think so many fans are out for #52 is because we have had an embarrassment of riches on the OL the last decade.

Looking at the situation objectively. Here is what the numbers say about Williams.

Penalties - 10 (worst in the NFL for guards)
Sacks Allowed - 1(31st in the NFL for guards)
PFF Grade 74.5 (upper quartile of starting NFL linemen)

I don't have a way to check his pass block and run block win rates so if anyone has a PFF subscription please feel free to add that in. I would imagine that they are not bad considering our overall win rates as an offense, but I cannot say for certain.

Basically the numbers support the opinion that he is an average-slightly above average guard that commits an extraordinary amount of penalties. The eye test also would confirm this. Do we need to try and get him to clean up the penalties? For sure. Holding penalties are drive killers. Should we look for an upgrade if at all possible? Yes, like always, but you tell me what teams are dealing starting caliber offensive linemen right now. OL is always a position of need around the league, and we are lucky to have two hall of famers (Smith, Martin), 3 average starters (Collins, Biadasz, Williams, McGovern) and a decent swing tackle (Steele) playing for us right now. There simply are not enough good offensive linemen to go around. I would not be opposed to giving McGovern a crack at the starting job, but maybe the coaching staff knows better than all of us fans on this one.
Pass - 73.4
Run - 71.1
Overall - 70.9

I'm not a huge PFF guy, but respect it as a tool. Interesting his overall is lower than both his run and pass...I would assume that means his overall grade accounts for the penalties as well. PFF has him as the #18 ranked G in the league. That wont make him a pro bowl player but its interesting to show CW vs the rest of the league. People who have issues with CW I don't think understand the state of offensive lines around the league. Tough to find guys who play well in both run blocking and pass pro. Easier to clean up the penalty issues than it is to teach a guy to pass block.


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Just because a team dominates, does not mean there are areas the team needs to work on.

Smart teams look at their weaknesses and try to fix them regardless how much they win by.

I get it. That’s probably best for coaches. It’s silly for a FAN to come in here whining after a 40 point blow out.


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Has anyone ever seen a guy play so poorly and keep his job. He must have pictures of Jerry with call girls or something.

The coaches really need to consider playing Collins there and moving Steele back to RT when Tyron returns. The penalties and whiffs are going to keep happening and a play like that could cost the team a playoff game.

Is there anyone that thinks this guy should keep his job? Dudes in his fourth year for goodness sake.
I don’t think they have someone good enough to replace him. He had so many penalties yesterday.