I guarantee a win Sunday night!

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by calicowboy54, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. CoachD

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    Did you noodle that 8itch?
  2. Typhus

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    ya, it was by far my largest challenge,, dragged me down and almost killed me,, Thailand river basin holds some monsters.
  3. Typhus

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    lol,, hell no
  4. Shane612

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    Most likely.
    Good or bad, teams seem to get up for the so called "America's Team".
    Always has, always will....
  5. Clove

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    Cowboys will have a ton of penalties as most undisciplined coached teams do.
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  6. Tommy

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    And in the last 10 years they have been right 57% of the time.

    This is a really good sign.
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    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    I predicted you'd make a post predicting something.
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  8. Whirlwin

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    This isn't as friendly as the old fan forum. Miss the old family. I'm doing good my cowboy brother welcome aboard. CERN is here
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  9. Asklesko

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    I guarantee a win that keeps Garrett his job, because the Dallas Cowboys fanbase will never have nice things.
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  10. Chuck 54

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    I’ll guarantee that before the first half is over, no matter what the score is, some fan will say the game’s over, we have no chance, and Jerry and Garrett have ruined a once great franchise that is now a laughing stock.

    Then someone else will declare that Jones has to fire Garrett now.
  11. JBond

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    At least the other guy was entertaining and engaging.
  12. Gangsta Spanksta

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    You Jinxed us into a tie T.T
  13. GMO415

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    Can't wait for Scooter's reaction on this one.
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  14. CoachD

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    It certainly isn't because once the mods got a hold of it it was block speech time! And yup Im well aware of Cern being around we post back and forth regularly.
  15. cern

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    awwwww. I think the catfish was photoshopped. but my salmon is real. even tied my own fly.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
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  16. xwalker

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    I can never root for the Cowboys to lose.

    Having said that, I'm beginning to wonder if it would be better if the Cowboys continued to lose to the point Jerry had to fire Garrett.

    I've never been a Garrett hater and I still think he has been better as an HC than Wade Phillips or Campo, but I just don't see them ever winning the Super Bowl with Garrett as the HC.

    I had high hopes that they would really let Kellen Moore run the offense the way he wanted to run it, but I'm convinced that it not happening.

    They did things in the preseason games and the "meaningless" game 16 last year (Moore was reportedly allowed to call plays in that game) that we are not seeing now.

    Moore reportedly pushed to draft Tony Pollard but Pollard had 7 snaps vs 75 for Zeke in the Jets game.

    Romo even said that the offense looks like Garrett's offense from several years ago.
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  17. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    1. No
    2. Yes
    3. No
    4. No
    5. No
    6. No
    7. No
    8. Yes
    9. Yes
    10. No
    11. Yes
    12. Yes
    13. Yes
    14. Yes
    15. Yes

    8 out of 15. That's 53%

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