I say give this team one more chance

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by VaqueroTD, Jan 20, 2022.

  1. pitt33

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    This football team is a shell of Cowboys teams of the past. They don’t know how to win important games. The FO can’t get out of its own way and the culture was cast in stone many years ago.

    Dude - It’s not changing. I hate to rain on your parade and I love your posts during the season but we have to be brutally honest here. They are playing a first place schedule next year and many are leaving and will replaced by players other teams don’t want.
  2. RS12

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    I say give this team one more chance

    I say unless you decide to become a fan of another team, you really dont have a choice. Cap hamstring in full force.
  3. Cowboysfandarin

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    We are going to lose many of the players that made us as good as we were this year. Why in gods green earth do you think next year is gonna be better? This team isn’t going anywhere, for a long time.
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  4. jwooten15

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    4-5 good players from this year’s roster will be gone because the bus driving QB is eating up 20+% of the salary cap.
  5. cowboyec

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    one more?
    they got my heart and soul and a lifetime.
  6. roy31

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    That’s where I was this year.. got sick of the rug being pulled out… I won’t believe it until it happens
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  7. CowboyRoy

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    You are the Jerry Jones of fans. NO way..........heads need to roll and changes need to be made. If steps arent taken the same problems will occur.
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  8. Loso86

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    Problem is the staff will potentially look diff and the roster itself bro
  9. cald0d30s0

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  10. atlantacowboy

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    They did a great job? :facepalm:

    We were one and done in the playoffs. Same as the Eagles. The regular season matters only in regard to playoff seeding. If you lose at home the first weekend, who cares if the team was 12-5? They were 1-5 against playoff teams outside the NFC East and blew a home playoff game against a 10-7 team. But I guess you are happy with the participation ribbon. Enjoy but don't call it a great job.
  11. Ranching

    Ranching Benched

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    I'm not pissed off.....it's football and we can't all win...
  12. Risen Star

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    That's what I'm saying. Flukes happen.
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  13. MajesticRey

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    It depends how FA and the draft goes, honestly.

    Too early to tell if we’ll be any better next season, but signs point to us being worse.
  14. Batman1980

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    Going to be a new-look team for sure in 2022.
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  15. dcstar

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    Hear hear

    Go Cowboys!
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  16. Darkhound

    Darkhound Well-Known Member

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    26 YEARS is enough
    i wont expect ANYTHING untill the moronic JERRY JONES sells or dies
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  17. rnr_honeybadger

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    I see we are now comparing Dak Prescott to John Elway. Wow, just simply wow.
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  18. HowardC

    HowardC Romo was elite

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    I let myself get suckered in by the fool's gold 7-1 start. I will not let that happen again.
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  19. Tyronosaurus77

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    I feel this team over achieved this year. Obviously upset with how the season ended. The division is extremely weak. Absolutely need to clean up the penalties. Hopefully DQ stays in town. That would be the first W of the the offseason and maybe the biggest. The boys will be back next year.
  20. VaqueroTD

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    Well, it looks about half of you are optimistic or just putting it into perspective, and half of you still think the Boys can eat #@$! and die. LOL

    By the way, If they do try again one more time, it fails, and we have to rebuild, learn from the Bengals who just got out of their slump, learn from the Giants who were winning Lombardis while we goofed around with Romo, learn from your own history and what helped form that last dynasty — spend high and get that franchise quarterback in the draft.

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