If the roster is 80 instead of 90 who sticks?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MWH1967, Jul 23, 2020.

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    Forbath career 151 attempts and made 131 86.8%

    Zuerlein career 245 attempts and made 201 82%

    guess the new ST coach wants his own guy.
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    Fans here would be well advised to accept the release of players that they'd prefer to keep. It's not up to us, as fans, to decide who comes and goes. The reality of the situation this year is one that will most certainly be one that is far from ideal. Keeping our expectations at a high level will only end in bitter disappointment for those of us clinging to our personal preferences. Let's brace ourselves for some unwelcomed cuts to be made.
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    I won...?
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    Yeah lol but then he is cut before camp lol, so you just dont understand jones boys logic!
    They just about always go with the bigger name , rep, or draft pick status.
    10 of 10 they dont care, which one is bigger name and rep?

    Now hopefully MM will be deciding all this cut and keep stuff, but forbath cut reeks of jones boys.
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    With no preseason games draft picks will have a big advantage over the undrafted free agents.
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