If They Were Smart They'd Wait Until After The Philly Game To Bring Dak Back


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Huh? Go look at my post history kid. You will find out that you have no idea what you're talking about fairly quickly.
ya he or she a relativily new poster here and seems to have hitched the wagons to a couple of biggest trolls on the board.


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The play of Cooper Rush seems to have the Cowboys in a hurry to get Dak back as soon as possible to avoid any kind of media QB controversy, but this could back fire big time for them.

If they were smart they'd not bring Dak back for the Rams game as it seems to be reported that he's targeted for his comeback for that one.

The Cowboys could potentially be 3-0 with Rush as the QB going into that game and Dak coming back for that one seems like a recipe for disaster.

Dak probably won't be fully healed, going up against a pretty good defense, and the defending Super Bowl champs. Then you have the Eagles the next game when they look like world beaters right now.

Dak got trash threw at him after 3 quarters and an injury this year. Imagine what will happen if we lose to the Rams and Eagles and Dak plays bad.....

You'd think the Cowboys would perfer Rush play those games instead of Dak, but then again, what if Rush plays great and we win? Then the flames are fueled even more.

You think the fanbase is toxic now when it comes to Dak, just wait until he's rushed back and plays bad.

If both are healthy next week you go with the QB that you believe gives you the best chance to win on that day.


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I can't help but laugh...

Everyone is trying to use common sense, the issue is ultimately the person who pulls the strings and makes the decisions is Jerry Jones.

I have little doubt he will screw the situation up over time.