If you could change the outcome

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Jul 6, 2018.

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    And a great catch.
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    True, just like many said that if Murray hadn't have fumbled in the GB game they'd have won that one, or if Romo hadn't fumbled the snap in the Seattle playoff game, etc. Wasn't the last play of the game so anything could have happpened.

    But since we're revising history here in the basic question, just continuing the theme...
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    1966 NFL Championship Game against the Packers to go to the 1st Super Bowl....................The Boys made so many mistakes that game and could still have won...............Everybody remembers their 1st anything : love , car , day of school.....................It would have been majestic to have gone to and won the original........................
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    As soon as that play was called back , Jimmy Johnson yanked Isaac Holt from the line-up and inserted Kevin Smith...................
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    For me it wasn't the NFC Championship Game of Jan 15, 1995.

    The wheels were starting to come off of the dynasty and some cracks were showing. And the Cowboys got careless under Switzer's "autopilot" leadership. They dug a huge hole for themselves early and were down 21-0 before you could blink. The team proceeded to mount a great comeback that was ultimately not enough.

    The loss also involved terrible missed PI calls (looking at YOU Deion) and a victory by a team that cheated the salary cap to get over the hump (you can look that up). And it ultimately prevented the Cowboys from winning 4 Super Bowls in a row.

    This one will always bother me the most.
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    That's the first one that came to mind for me too. Damn strip sack! I had to watch that game on a 9 inch black and white kitchen TV sitting next to a Giants fan. We had that game despite the stupid "catch". There is one thing I'd like to nitpick with you...……

    About the Ice Bowl. That was "technically" the Super Bowl. That was the NFL Championship game. The first four Super Bowls were more or less bragging rights games between two different leagues. In other words, the Colts and Vikings won the NFL Championship games. The Jets and Chiefs won the AFL championship games. The two leagues hadn't merged yet. It was only until Super Bowl V did it count as an NFL Championship. Super Bowls I through IV would be equivalent to the Super Bowl winner of the NFL playing the Champion of the USFL as an example. So basically I don't even count the first 4 SBs.
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    You're right about the Ice Bowl being the NFL CHampionship game! Good point.
    Where I disagree with you is comparing the AFL to the USFL. The old AFL was a very competitive league. In fact, the AFL won two of the first four SBs when the Jets beat the Colts in SB III and when the Chiefs beat the Vikes in SB IV. The USFL was never as competitive to the NFL as the AFL.
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    Dude, I agree with you completely. I was just making a thought experiment. The quality of the leagues didn't matter. I am simply stating the games didn't matter. Super bowls one through four were not the same as super bowls after that. They were bragging rights games, nothing more. The Championships for each league were already determined. Super Bowls V and beyond were actual Championship games.
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    1. Made me a full time fan instead of splitting time with the Cards and they did that with the way they played
    2. Tough loss but a well fought game against the ultimate champ.
    3. Same as 2.

    No shame in losing by a total of 9 points in what were the biggest games of that season.

    Those are all big games and have the tendency to hang around longer but those were all well fought games and on foreign turf and if I would change any game, I have two more candidates, both played at home and one is the most vivid loss in my memory, 0-38 to the Cards on MNF. That game was a wide awake nightmare that wouldn't end and the fans were calling for Dandy to leave the booth and take the field to which he replied "No way". That's my #2.

    The camo game when Riggins and Thesimann rolled into Dallas and got off the bus in battle camo and proceeded to do just that is my #1 most hated loss ever. First of all, this is the Skins, still my most hated team with two of my most hated Skins ever. On our turf, the Skins, doesn't get much worse than that for me. They approached that game with the most arrogance I have ever seen any team play the Cowboys with and then carried it out.
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    If I were to pick any big game to change, that is easy, the first loss in a SB to BAL. And no one will convince me that Mackey didn't get an assist from one of his own players on that TD catch and run.
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    I started disliking the Cowboys for much the same reason. It was the minute they announced the hiring of Jimmy Johnson when the 1987 Fiesta Bowl was still very fresh in my head. The whole Miami team coming off the bus wearing camo and then later walking out on a dinner held in their (and Penn State's) honor. That forever labeled the team, coach and school as "d-bags" in my mind. I've rooted against them, and the idiot that hired Jimmy, ever since.

    I've warmed a bit on Jimmy since, but I still kinda hope a boom mic drops down and clocks him in the head occasionally.
  12. CouchCoach

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    I have never been a Jimmy Johnson fan. Going back to his OSU teams, his teams have always been dbag teams.

    No denying he's a good coach but as a man, I've no use for him.

    Hell, if you could guarantee me that a boom mic would get him, I might watch but I gave up on that show a while back. The ahole quota is high on the fox pregame and CBS would do better to put 5 dead people out there. I am a man without a pregame show.
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    I am gonna flip this thread a little and think, our worst season was in '89 when they had one win, but, BUT, we beat the Redskins! HATE THEM, if you are gonna win only one in a season, I am grateful that it was against that loser organization
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    Interesting take. How strong is your hate?

    Would you take a victory in the '82 NFCCG against the Redskins even if you were to lose the SB against the Dolphins? Instead of picking a game that increases the Cowboys SB count by one, you'd increase your appearances by one, but remove a Championship from the Redskins.
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    I used to watch pre-game shows but don't really see the point anymore. I don't really need pre-game player news and I can hype myself up just fine for games.
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    94 loss to the niners by a mile.

    We would have won 4 in a row.
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    Yep, this would be my pick as well.

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