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If you could pick one Former Cowboys Coach to take the reigns right now. Who do you choose?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Hot_Toddy, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. Hot_Toddy

    Hot_Toddy Well-Known Member

    682 Messages
    766 Likes Received
    Here are the choices:

    1. Tom Landry - R.I.P. to the legend. But would he have been able to succeed with this team in this era?
    2. Jimmy Johnson - Could he mirror his previous success in this era of Free Agency/Salary Cap, motivate and get a SB?
    3. Barry Switzer - Did he just ride the coat tails of Jimmy Johnson's team?
    4. Chan Gailey - He had a lackluster team at the time. Could he turn this one around?
    5. Dave Campo - See above and subtract even more. But could he lead this team to the SB?
    6. Bill Parcells - Could he motivate these players instantly to a SB?
    7. Wade Phillips - Was his last season here really bad luck during all of those losses?
    8. Jason Garrett - Is he on the right track to a SB?

    - Or: Other (Offensive or Defensive Coordinators for example)

    I have to go with Jimmy Johnson. He proved it with the Cowboys and turned a Dolphins team around and into the playoffs.
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  2. Tangle_Foot

    Tangle_Foot Well-Known Member

    4,138 Messages
    16,231 Likes Received
    I'll go with Jimmy, I think he would do a better job in dealing with the personalities of today's athletes.
    Although the best answer would be Tom Johnson or Jim Landry:)
  3. robertfchew

    robertfchew Well-Known Member

    1,047 Messages
    692 Likes Received
    Jimmy would be the only one with a chance. But in reality I would pick gailey/campo one of them would suck bad enough that the fans of today would give up and Jerry would finally out drink his liver and maybe Stephen would realize he should just sell the team at its most valuable. Then pray an owner who wants to win is able to buy the team.
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  4. Mr_C

    Mr_C Carharris2

    9,709 Messages
    10,377 Likes Received
    Jimmy and he gets to verbally humiliate Jerry weekly and Jerry has to say he likes it.
  5. BoysfaninVegas

    BoysfaninVegas Well-Known Member

    3,406 Messages
    5,331 Likes Received
  6. Typhus

    Typhus Catching Catfish

    5,477 Messages
    5,323 Likes Received
    That was a pretty progressive jacket style for that time era.
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  7. Hot_Toddy

    Hot_Toddy Well-Known Member

    682 Messages
    766 Likes Received
    I'll never forget those jackets. One of the best designs for a Cowboys Jacket that I remember. We need to release those again!

    And the caps of 2007 or 2008 too. Great design/aesthetics.

    Call up Charlotte, the Jones brothers or whoever is in charge of that portion of the marketing team to get those back on the market!
  8. America's Cowboy

    America's Cowboy Well-Known Member

    11,165 Messages
    16,445 Likes Received
    Jimmy by far...

    Then Coach Landry.
  9. Hot_Toddy

    Hot_Toddy Well-Known Member

    682 Messages
    766 Likes Received
    Gave ya a like for the coach you picked.

    But, am I the only one on this board that likes the Jones'? Jerry did help assemble that 90's team.

    Jerry does a a lot for these fans. He gives loyalty and deserves loyalty imo.

    Boy do I wish we could get Jimmy and Jerry to run this Dallas Cowboys show again!

    Now, back to the main thread.....
  10. Typhus

    Typhus Catching Catfish

    5,477 Messages
    5,323 Likes Received
    Im on it, got Char on hold, waiting for Stephen to get out of a meeting right now.
    Jerry is unavailable, getting a white blood cell liver infusion.
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  11. Typhus

    Typhus Catching Catfish

    5,477 Messages
    5,323 Likes Received
    Is that a New Era logo, right side chest?
    Cant seem to find their original logo design when googling,,
    Would like to buy this jacket if anyone knows the original make?

    Might have answer to my own question..
    I think its an Apex logo.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
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  12. Hadenough

    Hadenough Well-Known Member

    5,184 Messages
    5,633 Likes Received
    Jimmy would be my choice but being realistic. This team could of had Kyle Shanahan a few years ago. I kept saying how Dallas should bring him in but nope they chose to stick with Garrett. The thing about Shanahan is he knows how to use his RBs and calls a good game. He would of been a perfect fit in Dallas.
  13. Proximo

    Proximo Well-Known Member

    4,450 Messages
    8,485 Likes Received

    Yea, that’s right, grammar patrol!

    Seriously though, Shanahan looks like he might turn out to be pretty good, BUT, it’s tough to know if his personality would fit well in Dallas. Obviously we have a “different” set up than most teams, with the involvement of the Jones, etc.
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  14. ccb04

    ccb04 Well-Known Member

    812 Messages
    460 Likes Received
    Sean Payton.
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  15. starfan1

    starfan1 Well-Known Member

    2,419 Messages
    2,121 Likes Received
    I think as long as we could use prime parts of their career I may take bill parcels or jimmy

    what parcels did with giants was great by the time he got here he was still a good coach but really wasn’t near as good as he was with giants .

    jimmy was great and benefitted from a raping of the Minnesota Vikings trade
    Hot_Toddy likes this.
  16. Hadenough

    Hadenough Well-Known Member

    5,184 Messages
    5,633 Likes Received
    The thing about all these coaches that we mention is they all have a leadership quality and are not the type to bow down and be subservient to Jerry. Jerry doesnt like that and wants to be the leader.
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  17. ghst187

    ghst187 Well-Known Member

    10,947 Messages
    5,966 Likes Received
    I’d take any one of them as they are all > JG
    Hot_Toddy likes this.
  18. RodeoJake

    RodeoJake Well-Known Member

    2,546 Messages
    4,193 Likes Received
    Would it be Landry of the 70s? Jimmy before his burnout? Parcells of the 80s? What about former assistants?
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  19. Ranching

    Ranching Well-Known Member

    24,917 Messages
    64,696 Likes Received
    I hope Garrett is on the former coach list very soon.
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  20. NorthoftheRedRiver

    NorthoftheRedRiver Well-Known Member

    276 Messages
    367 Likes Received
    Tom Landry invented modern football defense. We could use some of that innovation right now.
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