If you hate on Dak, you don't know Jack

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Pass2Run, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. CowboysBravesSpurs

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    The same defense that got humiliated in the playoffs? As much as yall give credit Dak for certain single game performances, yall dont critisize that defense for their playoff performance?
  2. glimmerman

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    Not necessarily just that particular sack. But in general he is taking to many sacks. He has room to step up.
  3. landroverking

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    It’s not hate to want a QB that can throw downfield or to want one that can feel the pressure.
  4. KingRah

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    Says You!!

    First of all, no cowboys fans hate on Dak. You have two groups. One group blindly supports and are oblivious to flaws. The other group(which im in) roots for the team hard, but sees clearly. This group that im in sees flaws and wants them fixed. Fixing and seeing flaws in wins makes you better.
  5. Pass2Run

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    Kind of. But that's what news media does today, frame the issue to make it appear to only have two sides when there is more to the story...

    Probably inadvertent.

    Anyhow, some of us support Dak and are willing to give him time, like any other player, to develop.

    You call them fixes; I say develop. We probably mean the same.

    I say haters, too, but I don't mean anyone who criticizes Dak is a hater.

    Anyway, I got carried away on here and lost track of time. I'm off so I'm not hating myself tomorrow .
  6. Red Dragon

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    The OP is using the poisoning-the-well fallacy.
  7. jay94

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    If hating is calling him what he is, a slightly above starting average quarterback then have at it.
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    Hes only slightly above average when Zeke is on fire and Cooper is getting 100 yards after the catch.
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