It is lucrative to be a cowboys QB

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MWH1967, Feb 28, 2021.

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    Dak is unlikely to win anything in excess of a division title, at best, with the defense being such a weak link. Whatever contract he's able to be granted by Dallas remains to be seen. He surely is getting some lucrative deals from the Cowboys' sponsors, though. He needs to be practical by leaving his team sufficient funds to improve their defense enough to compete above a mediocre level. Otherwise, it will most likely invite more of the same results.
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    2016 NFL season: the New England Patriots had the best record in the league at 14-2.
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    Troy and Tony are well on their way to amassing great wealth.
    Aikman will be starting his third decade as FOX Sports lead NFL broadcast analyst this fall, and Tony will be entering his 5th year in the equivalent role for CBS Sports. Both have endorsement deals on multiple levels (local, regional, national).
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    If you don’t understand the business of money it is best to be quiet
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    If what I say doesn't jive with your narrative is what you mean.

    All the factors I listed are why people with a decent amount of money got rich around Dallas. A name might get you a meeting, but cold hard cash is what drives business. No one is giving anyone deals in the real world of business because they are a fanboy!
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    Not if you're a cokehead and ruin your own career. LOL
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    . "A name might get you a meeting" that along with a name for good business. Now we are on to something. Not every transaction has to be out of the park as long as its flowing.

    I closed 3 deals last week because.

    1. They know someone i have worked with in the past for many years.

    2. They understand if something not right i will correct it within reason.
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    Number 2 drives 1 and reputation in how you handle your business is by far bigger than anything that made you famous or known before.
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    You are just not going to give up the ghost here. I can respect that but, "Captain America" opened many doors that otherwise would have been a maybe to NO.

    Its that simple. I appreciated your take we will just agree to disagree.
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    The current players looked at Roger's success, and all have brands now to monetize being a on the field be damned. :grin:
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    And I get the whole get all the money you deserve thing. But just dont complain like russell Wilson is about not having a good oline or complain about no targets.
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    I do think hes top 10. But he has to know if he drains for every penny he should never complain about not having enough talent or the D isn't good or he gets sacked to much like Wilson.. leave a little for your (brother) to eat too. I would feel bad if I made 50 plus mil in sponsorships a year and 35 plus in contracts a year and my so called brother who I want to keep cant gets 7 mil a year deal because you wouldnt give up that was a lot but you get it. I'm rare I guess and would say ok I'll take a few million less but whos getting it or where will we spend it
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    Quincy Carter gotta be on this list......
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    In 1979, by the end of his 10 seasons w/the Cowboys, Staubach was making around $160,000 a year. I've also read Roger made those millions after retirement being he's a genius in real estate.
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    Roger got his money because of his commercial real estate business, had nothing to do with playing football. Going to Annapolis or West Point is a great start for anyone career once they leave the military
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    Didn’t Staubach make most of his money with his own business? Not from playing football?

    I mean I guess football seed money and name recognition helps in business but...
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    I don't think the OP was saying that all the money is from just football contracts.
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    True but I see QB on other teams with those high dollar endorsement deals. I don't think being a Dallas QB affords him more. As for Roger he did not make a lot as a QB compared to his peers of those days. Roger however took the education he received from Annapolis and built a great commercial real estate business
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    This! Roger’s business success and wealth was certainly aided by his name recognition as a Cowboy. But watching his post football business career is a textbook example of guy who is a brilliant businessman more than a beneficiary of having a star on his helmet.
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