It is lucrative to be a cowboys QB

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MWH1967, Feb 28, 2021.

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    Yeah people try and devalue Dak by bringing up if Kelce and Tyreke aren't the two most dominate receivers in the league and yes I'm well aware Kelce is a tight end but he's just as good as any receiver. Tyreke is one of the most deadliest weapons in the league. All things considered....I think I take Tyreke Hill over any receiver.

    Another thing to note about Mahomes......people like to have revisionist history on him......he was 13-16 at Texas Tech. Let's also mention that Alex Smith was good with that same Chiefs team. They aren't some flunkies no matter what fans try and convince themselves.
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    I looked back to see if he really indicated that because obviously that would be nuts. I found that he did not indicate that. It seems to me he was simply saying even the great QBs don't do it all on their own without the help of quality players around him.
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    Lol. When did I say anything even remotely close to that?
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    The more players make, the less they care about winning, and the more sterile the game gets.
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    I believe Aikman and Romo are the top NFL announcers. Maybe 10mil/year, before any marketing?

    The advantage of the Cowboys is making money *after* you hang up the cleats.
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    yeah. 600 millions.
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    Better than more Dak contract nonsense.
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    This is not isolated to Cowboy players. There are many former players and current players who also pull big endorsement dollars and in broadcasting who never played in Dallas.

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