Jaws: Deep Ball passing 2018 playoff QBs

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Jan 11, 2019.

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    You're using these stats to declare Dak a "fantastic QB", and these stats intimate he's 3rd in the league; ergo, you think he's better than Brady. You use every possible opportunity to try to build him up while tearing Romo down. That's your shtick, and those asinine comments are your only contribution to this forum............So now you know I can read just fine.
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    I'm of the opinion that Dak often lacks a bit of air and accuracy on his deep ball but whenever see another team's QB/WR miss a deep connection I think, "This is the part where I would be ripping Dak for missing the throw."
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    Oh yeah a scrub bests all of them
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    PFR uses 15+ yards as the cutoff for deep targets, so this is really intermediate-to-deep. Over their careers, 1.6% more of Romo's attempts were the deeper targets (15+ yards). All of that difference comes from the first three quarters of games.

    full game
    Romo 782 of 4,521 17.3%
    Prescott 242 of 1,542 15.7%

    1st-3rd qtr
    Romo 574 of 3,346 17.2%
    Prescott 164 of 1,111 14.8%

    4th qtr/OT only
    Romo 208 of 1,175 17.7%
    Prescott 78 of 431 18.1%
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    Así es. Every QB misses deep more often than not, we just don't pay as much attention.

    This chart shows how Prescott's accuracy is above the league average at every target depth up to 42 yards. Dak's career completion percentage is in green. League average in gold.

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    Those things go hand in hand.

    When you're selective about throwing the ball down the field, you're going to have a higher comp % and rating.
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    Where's all of our dilusional Wentz teabaggers that still act like he's someday going to become some great "franchise" QB.

    He is very non-clutch, gets rattled pretty easily, injury prone causing him to only play a few games every year, won't have Foles to bail him out anymore.
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    I think a big part of it was Dak had 4-5 egregious misses in a few games on WRs that were open by 10 yards and had walk-in TDs. Those really stand out to fans because a NFL QB should be able to make those throws most of the time. I’m not doubting the original stats posted here but they certainly don’t seem to match up with what my eyes saw this season.
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    So Ron Jaworski has an agenda to make Dak look good?
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    That's a damn cool site.
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    Hell, just a great idea. Wish I'd thought of it.
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    I suspect part of what feeds the negative narrative is that his balls don't always look as crisp or perfect as others. Kind of like the image of Danny White threw "medicine balls".

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