Jerry: It's crazy to think about drafting a QB high

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. MWH1967

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    Blind Hog?
  2. shabazz

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    Of course there is a benefit. its called disinformation.

    Did anybody expect Jerry to say what he really thinks of Dakota and getting another Qb with the pick.

    Rayne will continue to be praised highly until he gets packaged in a trade to move up to get Lawrence. Never ever talk down your “assets “ until they’ve been dealt away to another idiot

    And by the way, if Jerry has this “love” of Dakota, he would have gotten him signed come he’ll or high’s humorous that some haven’t figured this out
  3. DandyDon52

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    he said it was crazy to ask that now during the season.
    Saying dak is the qb, is just being nice to dak. he doesnt want to insult dak.
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  4. Jake

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    It's crazy to Jerry because the last two QBs he wanted to take in the first round were Johnny Football and Paxton Lynch. :muttley:

    You've said it, I've said it, others have said it - Dak isn't going anywhere. If the tag wasn't an option Jerry would've caved this year.

    Some folks just need to indulge their QB draft fantasies until next Spring when Jerry makes his next Jerry Move™.
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  5. Hardline

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    Your not fixing the defense if you pay dak.
    You wont have the cap space.
    Going to have to hit on some good defensive draft picks.
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  6. stasheroo

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    Ever see the introduction to the show Beverly Hillbillies?
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  7. phildadon86

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    And with a top 5 pick in each round you have a much higher probability of just that. Also. You can definitely build a defense if you pay Dak. Atlanta did after paying Ryan and Julio. I think it will be fine.
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  8. Jake

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    Romo was 35 years old. Dak is 27. Tell me who Jerry considered drafting in the first round when Romo was 27.

    Dak isn't going anywhere. Jerry would've caved this year if there was no tag and Dak could've left for another team.

    It doesn't matter what you, I, or anyone else here thinks about it. It's his show and we're just watching it.
  9. Hardline

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    The Cowboys don't sign top tier free agents.
    Take that off the board.
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  10. MWH1967

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    unless Dallas could snag one for picks....
  11. fivetwos

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    Lol yep.

    I prefer Smokey and Bandit for those two. Sheriff and son. Good stuff.
  12. Hook'em#11

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    One of the smarter things Jerry has said.
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  13. Proof

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    Lol what? It’s Jerry and Stephen saying it
  14. CouchCoach

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    No, crazy is loading up the QB's agent with ammo while he's recovering and on a tagged deal.

    Happiness is being a car salesman and having Booger walk onto the lot. "Gee Mr. Car Salesman, how much over sticker do I need to pay"?
  15. Denim Chicken

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    Green Bay
  16. Beaker42

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    You keep your cards close to your vest until you’re ready to play your hand. It’s all obfuscation and enveigling at this point.
  17. 75boyz

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  18. thunderpimp91

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    That's the thing though, just because Jerry and Stephen are saying something doesnt make it so, especially in season. They will say what ever PC answer they need to. Who knows if they would even consider a QB or not, but until you are in a position where one may fall in your lap you down play it completely. If you don't all you accomplish is making your current QB upset.
  19. Ring6

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  20. Typhus

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    Carlos Basham is more than likely the talent we take when we pick.

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