Jerry Jones believes Cowboys can compete with high-scoring teams like the Rams and Chiefs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    This, the rubber is about ready to meet the road.
  2. dcstar

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    Go Cowboys!
  3. gimmesix

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    That does seem to be the thinking, ignoring the fact that if you only run the ball, eat clock but only score 3 points in a half that there's no way you can ask your defense, no matter how good it is, to hold prolific offenses to that.

    The only thing our style of play might do is help keep those teams from reaching their averages. But if we're scoring in the teens, we're still going to lose.
  4. Romotil45

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    Jerry is insane if he believes we could consistently compete with the Rams or Chiefs. We struggle to put up 20 points per game.
  5. Floatyworm

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    And he didn't account for the Prescott turnovers. Dak would have to be perfect...Which when we have played a team that is over 500...he hasn't been able to do.

    And even if we did play that perfect game...who is to say the other team wouldn't match us drive for drive?...I don't see us sustaining multiple drives for scores for 60 minutes. Eventually...We would end up shooting ourselves in the foot. :rolleyes:
  6. sideon

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    They haven't played a team that's even close to either of those teams, so what makes you think that they could hang with them?
    Stafford isn't a mobile quarterback and he shredded this defense.
  7. rpntex

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    Those are my thoughts… This defense can keep the Cowboys in a game. That, and running the clock through utilizing the running game cuts down on the amount of time the opposition has the ball. If the defense is on its game, Dallas can play with anybody.
  8. TheHerd

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    I doubt we'd get slaughtered just due to how we play, but I agree that each of those games would be one where we'd never really be in a position to win.

    Our theories will be test next week.
  9. TheHerd

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    Saints was week 2, and with the camp rules the first few weeks of the season are a crapshoot as teams are just getting their sea legs.
    Ravens was on the road, and they have an attacking aggressive D, and NO still manages 24.
    Vikings was also on the road, and 30 points is hardly being shut down. We've eclipsed that total just once this year.

    I do agree we'll have a chance because the game is in Dallas, Brees isn't a mobile QB, and we play good D. But I doubt there is any real chance for a victory. Brees would have to make a number of mistakes, and that is not something he typically does.

    They also like to spread it out and run or throw run-like passes to Kamara, and even with LVE and Smith we just can't seem to stop either mobile QBs or receiving RBs. At least Brees isn't mobile.
  10. Mr_437

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    All it takes is a win or two for Jerry lose his plucking mind and say some stupid ish.

    Find a coach Jerry, until then just shut up.

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