News: JJT: Jason Garrett no puppet for Cowboys

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by AsthmaField, Nov 21, 2014.

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    Sure I believe it. Jared told me so. Alot of teams go 5 and 11, 8 and 8 and 6 and 10 three straight years and are a gold mine of talent. Unless, of course, you're the Cowboys where going 8 and 8 three straight years is a competitive miracle because of a lack of talent that the HC needs years and years to replenish.
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    No, maybe you need to read the post I was replying to and see where he claimed I was. As hard as it may be for you to comprehend, I was answering someone else and you stepped in to give your 2 cents. Hence the idea that you may need to learn how to read better.

    The 3 .500 seasons would be covered by the first line of the post that you left out. Reading again.

    I do not care how impressed or unimpressed you are. Prove to me you actually know something about football, and maybe that changes.

    Clearly you still don't get it on the dynasty stuff. Here you go.

    "We haven't even made it to the playoffs. I'm more interested in any kind of success than this mythical dynasty Garrett is creating."

    There it is in black and white for you. The poster was accusing me of saying Garrett was building a dynasty and in response to that, I said it was premature to say he was until...wait for it...we see the results happen ON THE FIELD. You see how easy this reading stuff is? All you have to do is read the start of the conversation rather than jump into the middle of it, make a claim that isn't supported by the text presented and you avoid a slew of things ot need to be educated on.

    Unlike some people I do not get my panties in a wad when another coach is mentioned and scream about comparisons. You see, I actually know what a comparison is. I merely asked the poster in question that I was having a discussion with if the coaches he was talking has sustained their early success. You see, I do not want to be like some on here and see a Tony Sparano season 1, jump to a rash conclusion that he was the missing ingredient we should have clung to, and then look stupid as he promptly proves to be a one hit wonder.

    I pimped him? News to me. I don't mind the singing given the cost implications on the Cowboys, but I believe if you actually take the time to look I plainly said I would prefer Orton as our backup. In fact, I know I said that right up to the point that we let him go, and I have even said it afterwards. I have no idea why you felt the need to change gears from coaching discussion to a backup QB discussion, but at the very least can you attribute me the right opinion I presented? Is that too much to ask?

    Wait a minute, you don't see 2008, 2009, and then 2010 as multi years? I see it as three. I saw a team losing very close games, playing solid, and having a what I considered to be a fantastic 2010 Draft and I predicted that for the 3rd year. It looks very much to me that just like what I want of Garrett, I saw in Singletary. In other words, progression towards something. Now, I was clearly wrong about the 2010 Niners, but isn't it interesting that you just proved I do NOT have expectations on other coaches that differ from my expectations for Garrett? Funny how that works.

    I probably did, but I do not remember. You're more than welcome to go look. I don't care at this point.

    Believe it or not I have to go to Church now, so I can't answer or even rad your last 2 paragraphs. I willa ssume they are as misguided as the rest of this drivel was.
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    Game Set Match
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    That's almost as comical as using an article from Babe Laufenburg to support Garrett... Funny how last year and the years prior, everybody, including JJT, was blaming Jerry Jones for every wrong this organization made. Suddenly, Garrett's blueprint is all over this team.
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    I dont think he is a puppet. But his in game decision making is really bad

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