Just about done with this organization

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by mmillman, Aug 13, 2014.

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    How much beer did you have while typing that?
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    Look I complain and don't like a lot of what Jerry is doing or has done. Hate a lot of it, feel he hurts us.
    Doesn't give us the best chance to be in position to win.


    You just don't.
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  3. WV Cowboy

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    I get losing interest with the losing product being put on the field. I get that, .. but I could never agree with cheering for a different team.
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    Really the only chance we have of coming back is if Jerry hires someone who is a real coach, gives him time, and steps back. OR the Team loses its appeal and the ratings start dropping dramatically. We need another Bill Parcells who is smart enough to get along with Jerry and is also a great coach. That would be the fastest approach.
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    That is classic bro, just classic. Thanks for the laugh.
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    Lol another person that attaches his emotional livelihood to a game.

  7. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    I found a postable one at last!

    Would not be suprized if someone here did this one. :D

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    I have done much of what you suggest have you. My point, which you seem to ignore completely, instead going for some kind of personal attack is to hit Jerruh and his massive ego in the pocket book. I don't know about you but if I keep getting a poor meal or poor service from a business I don't go until it is changed. Apparently you get E Coli but keep eating the food
  9. mmillman

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    Today's product illustrates my point. That was a pathetic showing. Unfortunately half the stadium was filled with red jerseys supporting jerry world
  10. zrinkill

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    Thought you were done.

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    21 days before replying.

  12. mmillman

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    I would thin yesterday's gam illustrated my points better than I can. You are either blind or football ignorant to not see what a pathetic product jerruh puts out. It was really sad to see all the red jerseys in the stands.
  13. DallasEast

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    Yada yada yada.
    I have never read that opinion on this site. Very original. You're a savant.
    Really? I wouldn't know.

    Click the link below, my friend.


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    I'd just like everyone know that I am forever impressed with the intelligence level of so many Zoners that it's humbling. I love my Cowboys and I love the passion of its incredible fan base. I will never turn away from a team with a history is so epic in victory or defeat. It's the fabric of the Cowboys to be the phoenix of the NFL, and I do believe the stars will align in our favor. I understand the frustration level of the fanbase. It's humiliating in the social media age to endure the barrage of negativity towards our team, its players and coaches. It really is. But we are riders on the storm, and the Cowboys owe me nothing personally for the emotional rush they provide.

    If only the Jones family could understand that under the glitz and glamour that they thinks best for the Cowboys and its fans, lies a desire of its most ardent supporters of legitimate organizational change so enjoy our Sundays again, and not hope that bringing in say a Jeremy Mincey will be a coup. In short- the Cowboys structure needs change, and its ego- and only ego- that prevents it, whether at the 2 yard line on 2nd and 1, or resigning a player that could use change himself to a huge, foolish contract.
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    I bet that if the Cowboys were 1-0 this thread would never have appeared.

    And to the OP good luck in New England.
  16. Bwareinrings94

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    I'm lucky because my brother is a 30 year Raiders fan so I know it when a team's owner is just declining. I don't take Jerry's ineptitude and transgressions personally. I hate seeing anyone drive my team into the ground and yes it's almost unbearable to watch but right now, it's not really my Cowboys he is driving into the dirt, its his. Sooner or later he will be done with it and if lucky, his son will return them to me in the form of a competent football operation. Till then he has my interest and commitment but not my heart. If I should inherit a chip off the old block in Stephen, then maybe it's my son who will see a return of my Cowboys and not me. Unfortunately, he loves the Packers so there will be no visits to my grave updating me on my team. Come from the ledge, enjoy a brew and find the entertainment till the storm passes. This is a game bro... just a game.
  17. T-RO

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    Do explain.

    I say:
    1. Morality and football fandom (who you root for) have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other.
    2. It's about rooting for someone you enjoy, admire, respect.
    3. Jerry has no loyalty to you...why contrive some false loyalty to him?

    I'm so glad to be free. I invite any and all of you to find another team.

    I believe we even have an OBLIGATION...to evaluate the religion, politics and sports loyalties we grew up with. And if anything we have a moral obligation to leave a team that repeatedly demonstrates it has no moral compass...and repeatedly does a lot of gross stuff.

    We all have different views. I respect that. But I say, if anything...YOU MUST LEAVE THIS TEAM.
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  18. WV Cowboy

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    I am hanging on by a thread, .. but when I go I will give up the entire NFL. I will not switch teams

    Drug arrests, rape, child abuse, abuse of women, DUI manslaughter, Jones sexual assault accusations, .. I'm sick of it.

    Players moving from team to team, players making millions and millions of dollars when some go to bed hungry in this country. Coaches moving from team to team.

    NFL changing the rules, consequently changing the game that I love.

    Talking about, and remembering Tom Landry lately revealed to me just how much all of us have compromised, little by little, gradually.
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  19. WV Cowboy

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    With Rice and Peterson beating their loved ones, Incognito looks like a choir boy.
  20. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    ^ I'm thinking about sustainability.

    Anyone familiar with how the Dust Bowl happened? Farming land without rest until it could not produce.

    That's the picture WV Cowboy is painting it seems....milking profit this season without regard to fan burnout, image, growing a new generation of fans by weeding out cheap seats to the suites, games going to pay-per-view. Domestically they can't milk the cow much more so now they are hoping to breaking into London and the rest of Europe.

    Fans may just get burned out.

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