Twitter: La'el Collins vs Ryan Kerrigan

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Knotamus

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    This should be the warning to all new posters.

    Having hope, faith, or optimism is not allowed. (Que smirk and eye roll)
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  2. Irvin88_4life

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    Dak is becoming elite and those same guys wants him gone ........
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  3. Doomsday

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    Kerrigan really only beat him one time on an inside move, but Dak took off in the space he voided.
  4. kskboys

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    He was just lucky Tanya wasn't there w/ her stick.
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  5. skinsscalper

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    I wont' go so far to say that it makes up for the swing and miss on Taco but, all too often, posters focus on the failures of the FO/coaching staff (like Taco) and go off the deep end as if that particular move is the sum of the franchise.

    In their fit of rage they completely discount the maneuvering of locking down/drafting/mining the talents of guys like Romo, Jaylon, Collins, Vander Esch, Cobb, Devin Smith, etc.

    This is the NFL and the league is littered with 1st round busts, bad FA signings, the one that got away, etc. No one bats 1.000 in this league. No one. But the Cowboys aver the past 6-7 years or so have been at the top of the league in drafting and acquiring talent.In fact, this may be the best year this team has had in FA in a LONG while and they didn't break the bank on a single player. The kicker is, almost everyone they brought in should be a significant contributor. We've swung and missed several times taking a more frugal approach to FA but, so far, they've knocked this one out of the park.

    I prefer to focus on those things rather than some chump with a corny sack dance that couldn't muster up enough "want to" to make a squad that's clamoring for some pressure from the edge. I hate that the guy was a bust but it happens (to literally EVERY. SINGLE. TEAM). To even fathom that we'd be immune would be woefully unrealistic.

    The scouts blew it, the FO blew it, the evaluators blew it. I'm over it. I'm not going to sit in a suicide circle about it. Onward.

    As to the rest of your post, I agree 1000%. The domino effect that this signing (and his improvement at the position) is absolutely huge for this football team. Being able to invest draft capital (and subsequently cheaper contracts) in the defensive side of the ball is going to be paramount to this team's future success. We have to hope, however, that we use that capital wisely (and this where the people that are up in arms about Taco and, to this point, Hill have a valid dog in the fight and legitimate gripe). If we don't knock some of those picks on D out of the park, it could set us backwards rather than forward. We have GOT to be better with our early round picks (especially on defense). Vander Esch was a great pick but you can't follow that up with a selection like Hill. You just can't. The point is to re-stock the defense, not load it up with projects.
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  6. kumizi

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    As someone that's always said he is very overrated, I agree he's been good the first two games. Let's hope it continues. Two games is too small a sample to make any determinations. Or we'd be saying Jaylon doesn't deserve his contract if Collins deserves his after two games.
  7. skinsscalper

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    That's fair but the fact that we're seeing actual improvement (rather than a static trajectory) is encouraging, to say the least.

    The knock on Collins has always been that his aggressive nature has led him to play out of control at times (most often causing him to play out in front of his feet). He's showing a tremendous amount of discipline and patience this season which is allowing him to effectively use his superior talent. He's confident in his technique now (when before he was relying on his monstrous strength) and his strength is now being used effectively. I think the sky is the limit for him once he fully realizes what hes capable of now that he's confident in his cerebral grasp of the position.
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  8. Point-of-the-Star

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    He got beat some but played acceptably. Watch the Collins video and just focus on LG.
  9. xwalker

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    I watched all of CW's snaps.

    The 2 worst ones are on that video clip.

    He really only had 3 bad snaps in the game.

    He does many things really well.
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  10. America's Cowboy

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    I never wanted him gone. Thought it was a mistake to let him go. Glad Jerry decided to keep him.
  11. America's Cowboy

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    Connor Williams is responsible for Dak throwing that behind-the-receiver tipped INT.
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  12. xwalker

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  13. shabazz

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    Some people on here aren't happy unless everybody is happy with everyone
  14. iceberg

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    collins, like any OL and player, can have some bad plays. but he's been very solid for us and we're lucky to have him.
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  15. stasheroo

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    Absolutely he is. The two big pressures of the game the Redskins got were on Williams. But, to his and the team's credit, they adjusted and it didn't happen again.
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  16. InTheZone

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    When Smith is healthy he never seems to move backwards once engaged, just locks it down completely.
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  17. Aven8

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    Collins is this Olines enforcer. The nasty one. Every line needs one and it’s him.
  18. blueblood70

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    I dont think LC ever been a true liability or issue..the difference, SO FAR, has been Dak..

    we all know and no need to debate or argue that Dak himself costs this team a ton of sacks the way he retreated in the pocket.. our Olinmen were doing their jobs and protecting the interior and pushing and letting edge rushers come around but form pocket ie an umbrellas shape, when pressure comes most pocket aware Qbs step up then sideways.. Dak way too many times not only retreated backward into the rush but turned his back and spun.. thats tough on a Linemen..

    look at that video Dak so far this season is hanging in longer making smaller moves up and moving enough but not just bailing backwards..thats the bigger difference in Daks game and it allows him to see downfield longer and make the deep throws or at least dump it off or down..
  19. Sydla

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    Let's be honest........... it was a surprise he was extended.

    Even those in the media had targeted Collins as a guy who would likely be set free when you were looking down the road at cuts, unsigned free agents, etc to figure out cap space and how to start fitting all these guys like Cooper and Jones and Dak under the cap without totally shooting your cap to hell.
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  20. fansince68

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    Nope. He allowed too much pressure on Dak, only effective on double team blocks with Fredricks help, and more penalties than we can count.

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