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Discussion in 'CZ Support Zone' started by IronMan, Jul 26, 2006.

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    When I go to the main forum page, the browser (Firefox) runs VERY slowly and will not respond a couple of times. It takes about 2 or 3 minutes to load the main page! The sub-forums and individual threads are fine.

    Other than that, I am really enjoying this site. Thanks.
  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    I use mozilla.

    Although mine does not load as slow as you describe it does load the main page slowly for the first time I go on the site each morning.

    Here is a tip.

    Once you log on for the initial time, go towards the bottom of the page.

    You will see the list of names for all of the people currently on line and you will see another LOOONG list of people who have been on for the last 24 hours.

    You will also see a couple of other lists, new people and birthdays.

    Above each list, on the blue bar, to the far right you will see little arrows in a circle.

    You can click on those areas to basically minimize those lists.

    I have found that once I have logged in, if I minimize that long list (at least the long one) it will greatly improve the speed of loading the main page.

    Hope that helps.:cool:
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    I think you were right about the stats at the bottom...what I did was bookmark the "Cowboys Forum" sub-forum link. It doesn't have all that stuff on the bottom and I can just bypass the page giving the me the trouble.

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